What Is VPN? How To Choose VPN Service?

Do you want to sail safely and connect to cloud-based services such as email and social networking during remote work? Then you want a VPN service provider.

So you just started your new business. Where is your office? Chances are that it is everywhere. Since WiFi is available in hotels, cafes, restaurants, and airports, it is easy and convenient to connect and get work. But there is a problem: WiFi is a radio signal that can be intercepted.

Do not think anyone is interested in your data. Hackers make money by grabbing and selling account information, passwords, and any other personal identification information they may find. If you have an important customer, more dedicated hackers can even try to use the connection to access your customer’s network. Business users must need VPNs to keep their private and secure network traffic tampering.

What is VPN?

A VPN (virtual private network) creates a secure private network between the WiFi connected a mobile device, websites, and any other connection. The word “virtual” is part of the name because a VPN sets up a secure software-based network. VPN provides an essential security layer.

If you are mainly connecting to the home network or the cloud. If your primary goal is to connect to your home or office network, then you need a router or small server that can act as a VPN endpoint. Some of the top end routers provide this, but not all. There are also programs that can be run on both Macs and PCs to provide such connectivity and some low-cost home servers provide VPN capabilities.

However, most people are more likely to want to surf safely and connect to cloud-based services such as email and social networking. If this describes you, you want a VPN service provider. The rest of this article focuses on VPN service providers.

How To Choose VPN Service?

You should choose a provider that offers secure communication protocols. If you were building a real tunnel, would you do it from mud or concrete? The answer is concrete because it is much more robust. As in a real tunnel, a VPN tunnel can be more or less secure and based on which security protocol is used.

There was a time when PPTP was popular, but it is now very insecure. You do not want to use it. Instead, look for suppliers that offer OpenVPN and L2TP / IPsec. In general, OpenVPN is the best choice, but many smartphones do not support it. So if you are connecting via PC or Mac, you want to use OpenVPN. If you’re connecting via a phone or tablet, look for L2TP / IPsec support. The best VPN providers will offer both.

Look for a provider that can protect your privacy, check these VPN reviews can help you decide. VPNs allow people to search the web and access websites anonymously, protecting their identities from those who might discriminate or attack them in another way because of who or what they are. Look for a VPN that does not keep traffic logs, has a wire-coated privacy policy and runs servers in countries that do not belong to oppressive regimes.

Make sure the provider has a capability. If you are using a VPN for your new business, the last thing you want is to be interrupted because you have used too many data. Please read the terms of the service carefully to determine how many data your provider can provide and if your provider does not guarantee bandwidth. If possible, find out how many servers your provider has or run their network on a big public cloud like the AWS of Amazon. When it comes to scaling, the bigger is better.

Beware of false services. When you select a VPN provider, you trust the company with security. Scammers can prey on that trust. Like anti-virus vendors, e-mail and application stores, fake VPN services can be used to protect your data while passing.

Avoid free VPN services. As a small business entrepreneur, counting your penny, you may be tempted by free, but avoidable, VPN bids. VPN providers need to get the money to run their services somewhere and, if not from their users, you may be pretty sure you’re selling data about you to someone else. Most VPN services on a scale for a new business will cost about $10 a month. If you prepare for a year, you can turn off a couple of dollars outside your account.

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