3 Web Design Trends You Cannot Ignore in 2016

Achieve a web design that evokes a vibrant, trendy and understated look with these top three trends that are popping up all over the internet this year.

3 Web Design Trends You Cannot Ignore in 2016

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Bright Colours

One way your website is definitely going to get noticed is through bright colours that are bold and provocative. This trend has been on the up due to Material Design, and even though this is a full design, the colour palette it offers can be used on its own without having to do a full redesign.

Material colour is defined as being full of bright highlights, deep shadows and bold hues, but the key to using it effectively is to still have your brand and your message at the heart of the design. Utilise these striking colours alongside your brand image by incorporating a bold headline or coloured panels to create unwavering impact.

Big Images

Another increasingly popular feature amongst designers such as those working in web design in Newry, is the use of larger-than-life photography. This creates another bold feature that gives viewers a surprise element and a sense of intrigue. When playing about with these images you may be out of your comfort zone at first, but start off as big and bold as you dare and then adjust this until you feel happy with the final result.

Using these large images will help you to see imagery differently, and it also allows you to set your website apart from others by being instantly striking to the viewer. This gives a totally different feel to a website, and really allows you to play to your creative strengths.

Illustrations as Icons

Another feature gaining in popularity among designers like http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/web-design.html is the use of illustrations that look like hand-drawn icons, creating a further wow-factor on a website. They’re flat and simple and give off a sense of creativity and imagination without detracting from the professionalism of the website.

Even if you aren’t an illustrator or you haven’t got one on your team, there are a number of free kits out there that you can play around with to achieve this quirky look for your website.
What’s great about all of these design trends is that they’re fun, provocative and provide you with any number of unique possibilities.

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