5 Great Apps to Help College Students Manage Life

If you’re currently attending college you probably know that life can become extremely hectic. There’s not just class, but extracurricular activities and a social life to maintain (though in the case of an emergency the latter is typically the first to go out the window). If this seems like your life, don’t worry too much. There are steps you can take to make things much easier and organized. Best of all, these steps are as easy as owning a smartphone, which you likely do.

OK, it’s a little more complicated than owning a smartphone, but if you’ve got one you’re definitely on the right track. Next, you just need to get a few life management apps in college that will help you simplify some of the processes that make your life difficult. Don’t worry, you can thank me later.

1. Google Drive

If you have a Gmail account then you should definitely download this app immediately. Google Drive enables you to share a wide range of files and documents with other users, as well as store them on Google’s cloud so that you can conveniently access them elsewhere. So whether you’re doing group projects, writing, or just need somewhere to jot down some notes, Google Drive definitely deserves some space on your smartphone.

2. Coursera

Coursera offers content from several Ivy League schools that you are free to study at will. This can be a great way to learn additional information about a class, including a lot of topics that may not be on the syllabus. Best of all, you can learn at your own pace. I highly recommend pairing Cousera with a note-taking app of some kind, as you will be confronted with a lot of information that you will want to record in one way or another.

3. Todoist

Todoist generates lists and ha a bunch of algorithms designed to help you keep them both organized and accessible. Users can organize their life into projects and tasks, but the app lets them go even further and organize things into subprojects and subtasks so that you can view your schedule hierarchically and accomplish tasks in the order of importance. Even better, users are not limited to the confines of the mobile app, as content can be accessed in the desktop version as well. This makes lists easily transferrable, ensuring that the tasks you apply to them will actually get done–or if they don’t, that they will at least be at the forefront of your mind.

4. Dragon Dictation

Whether you go to Sarah Lawrence College or USC, typing can become tedious. Dragon Dictation offers users an easy way to avoid typing anything. The app is clean and easy to use, and makes organization extremely simple. Best of all, there’s no need to click here or there, because Dragon Dictation lets you say it all!

5. Skype

Whether you’re attending college in or out of state, odds are you have some people you want to keep in touch with. Skype lets you do just that. Users can video conference with one another, which is a nice way to have quick meetings with colleagues or catch up with friends and family you do not get to interact with on a daily basis.

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