iOS 10 is not crazy dream

The Apple Developers Conference is just around the corner and if you follow the script scheduled on June 13 will know the surprises that we have prepared in iOS, watchOS, TVOS and yes, probably macOS. Surprises we expect tachen the maximum number of boxes on our wish list particular starting, of course, by iOS 10.

iOS 9 is already installed in 84% of mobile assets of the apple and the latest update has left us which probably is the most stable and refined version of the advantaged younger brother of OS X. Perhaps it is time to dream about their future more immediately, right? They say dreaming is free and here we have spared no expense.


Siri in iOS 9 stepped forward to become a much more proactive assistant, for example, suggesting apps or contacts depending on our usage habits. I hope that Apple will put your house in order and continue moving in this direction with IOS 10, but also cannot forget the foundation on which rests all, the knowledge base of the wizard and his ability to know what we talked about him and offer answers tools.

The Siri is already a classic, but Apple would appreciate the same discomfort to answer more useful questions. It cannot be that three out of four questions I ask are misinterpreted or, at best, I invite Google search. While this is not resolved, we continue using the wizard in a rather anecdotal way.

iOS 10
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That said, Siri needs, not only expand to OS X but acquire a shared awareness among all our devices so that we can start a task at a time and continue understanding the context but move on to another. Similarly to betting Microsoft and Google (also a way work in progression the other hand), My Siri should know as anyone and offer a truly personalized experience.

In parallel, other edges smoothed hope to see as soon as possible include:

  • Even greater integration with third – party apps and deep linking, i.e. that instructions like “Hey Siri, do me a selfie” do not simply open the app but to select the front camera and, for that matter, we invite to say the classic “Pataaaata” to activate the trigger.
  • Seeping into more areas of the system, for example messages, to join the fashion of the bots (more than a fashion for which we use every day) and upload your bet.
  • Offline mode with at least a number of basic options. I can forgive that Siri part of their intelligence leave the road when I have no connection, but then to not be able or dial a number on my agenda…
  • And of course, a new injection speed, especially with real-time transcription in dictation mode.


After washing face Notes last year, Calendar and Reminders could well be next on the list, and recapturing the subject of a more proactive system, I would not mind at all that Apple copied over some tricks in the book of Google, who has done an excellent job over the past year with Calendar.

More and better event detection as flights, hotel reservations, concerts and quotes directly from our mail (and other apps, API through), integration of reminders in the calendar, smart to create events with activities, places and people suggestions, and very especially, goals or purposes.

In this busy life we live in that is so easy to succumb to Netflix after work, I think that not a few of us appreciate some interference by Siri with reminders to keep fit , socialize more or take advantage of those holes on the agenda to learn a language or develop any other skill.


What can we ask Maps you have not already asked … In another similar list this posed a particular desire which remains a pending two years later: Business, attractions, public transportation…. By far the biggest Achilles heel Apple maps is the absence of such information to conduct our searches and the poor quality of the data are in fact present. Local that closed years ago continue to appear while others are still in force are impossible to locate.

This, just this, and Google Maps will be a memory in my iPhone. Yes, I’d love an offline mode or developments in navigation as the maximum speed of the road on which I am circulating and notices when the amble to save me a fine, but all that is secondary compared to the previous point.

But here we come to dream big, and since we have things like paths Flyover who walk us through the major sights and attractions of some of the world’s major cities, travelers would be very grateful to access routes as to make the most of our visits, and for that matter, layers of additional information as free WiFi hotspots, activities that are to take place in the next 24 hours, etc…


Maps and we turn to music; with something similar happens especially when you look at the Apple Music service. Features like lyrics with timecode (karaoke mode?) Or a more advanced equalizer built into the app instead of hidden in your settings (perhaps with an automatic mode depending on the genre of each song) would be great, but make no mistake, the focus should be on solving the mess that is the user interface of the current version.

Fortunately the rumors point precisely in this direction, with greater emphasis on “For You” section and the disappearance of the “New” section for a better organized Navigation tab. With the iPhone replacing the iPod for many, music has to be directed back to the simplicity and ease of use. At the end of the day, this is the company’s iPod, right?

Control center

The new switch Night Shift in the bottom row of icons Control Center, until now reserved for shortcuts, no adjustments, evidence that iOS 10 offers a golden opportunity to give us a feature demanded by many users for quite some time: power customize which shortcuts which applications and what adjustments we have on this panel.

It is time also that 3D Touch will open the doors to the Control Center to expand the number of options available, such as selecting the wireless network you want to connect.

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iOS Pro

Encompassing in this section all about iCloud Drive, the iOS file system and multitasking. The arrival of the iPad Pro cries that Apple once put his two operating systems on the same page. For example, in OS X we have labels and versions, but not iOS, or sometimes yes, it depends … No, gentlemen, you cannot depend. Like iCloud Drive app lets me sort by labels, it is logical that it can also manage them without having to go through the desktop.

The same applies to versions, depending on the app you or not, and what is worse, even for the same format (e.g. Pages documents supported versions, but only in the app, not in iCloud Drive) . It is more a question of interface otherwise, as does the selector documents, available from iOS 9, but implemented in a somewhat confusing because of the freedom granted in this area developers (is not that ironic? precisely Apple sin of this).

Among the concepts of Federico Viticci you can see some very interesting ideas on how to do things right. And not only regarding the file selector, also with multitasking, introducing actions like drag and drop one app to another. It is definitely the next level.

To close this point I cannot forget the multi-user support, available from iOS 9.3 but only for education. We want the same thing, only in Family options. I translate this paragraph of the page Apple education :

Shared iPad is a new feature of iOS 9 for schools that buy devices but still want to offer personalized experiences. Before the class begins, you can assign any iPad to any student in your class. Students know which devices use because their photos appear on screen lock. And they can access their personal content with a password and PIN four digits easy to remember. After entering his duties, apps and tasks appear just as they left them.

And now someone explain to me why my wife and I cannot have different accounts on the same device.

The devil is in the details

Our trip concludes with particular tailor my drawer; I crave other developments also found under the umbrella of IOS 10:

  • Slide Over, Picture in Picture and Split View on the iPhone, at least in the Plus models.
  • FaceTime and Messages must follow Apple Music to other platforms (Android and Windows). Heading for being the most popular messaging client is a challenge, but this is not Apple directly or sitting in front of the board to try. And in this context, “most popular” and “best” are so linked that they form an axiom, the best messaging platform is where your friends, all your friends are. In addition, Google believes that putting his assistant in their new messaging apps can be a good move, and I agree.
  • NFC, more applications outside Apple Pay, their integration into AirDrop.
  • Camera, manual controls and detection of barcodes and QR.
  • Photos, faces album with all the options of the desktop version to not depend on her new album and Places with groups that iOS already created based on the geolocation of our images next to an option to see them all over the map.
  • App Store, trial versions of any app to play before buying.
  • Contacts, Group management, better integration with social networks, chips with our past interactions with that person (calls, messages, emails …).
  • Obscurely, last year was new in OS X, it will be this in iOS which also makes much more sense? Ideally, we can select it manually or set it to automatically be activated depending on the ambient light.
  • Emojis, we never have enough, but apart from that, it is time they leave the keyboard selection button and have their own shortcut. I hate to have to go through my three keyboards to return to the Spanish after sending a smiley.
  • Apps pre-installed, freedom to eliminate the less some specific apps to save space.Tips, Stocks, Weather … sure they would be cannon fodder for many. Options to define which apps are open by default when you meet a bond or a document in a given format.
  • Threshed connectivity, advanced settings for mobile networks, for example, to override the use of networks such as GSM / EDGE and increase the security of our communications.
  • Statistics CPU utilization and memory, power consumption and data shamelessly plagiarized Windows Phone. I know it’s my thing, but I love statistics.
  • And finally … dynamic wallpaper. Do you remember? Apple presented them with iOS 7 just to forget all about them. How hard is it to find an expert in motion graphics and entrust twenty? Or better yet, publish a specification and that anyone can download the want. For more go this page

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