LG V30: OLED screen and double camera with f1.6 to aspire to be the best of the year

Born in the shadow of the G series models, the LG VX family can now be considered as a true franchise of the brand. The new LG V30 is the clear example: it brings together the best of the best with a very promising result.

LG V30 data sheet

Having presented a few months ago a great terminal like the LG G6, what can be more LG in another high-end of the highest level to be at the height of the best? That question can be answered with a single word: multimedia.

The two improvements that the new LG V30 leaves us with have a common thread: the image. Either to generate it – the camera – or to consume it – the screen, although we must not forget the sound, another of the protagonists of the technical sheet of this LG V30.

LG V30
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LG V30
PROCESSOR Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
DIMENSIONS 151x75x7.3 mm (158 gr)
SCREEN 6 inches 18:9 QuadHD + OLED FullVision
BATTERY 3300 mAh / Quick Charge QC 3.0 // Wireless charging
MAIN CAMERA 16 + 13 megapixels (f1.6 / 71 degrees, f1.9 / 120 degrees)
FRONTAL CAMERA 5 megapixels (f2.2)
OS Android 7.1.2 Nougat with UX 6.0+
OTHERS Resistance IP68 / Face and voice recognition / DAC Hi-Fi 32 bit

Reinforced design on the edges and IP68

One of the fears with the terminals “without frames” and with a screen occupying the entire front is the robustness of the whole. LG claims to have solved it with Gorilla Glass 5 both on the front and back of the computer, as well as with the use of a construction technique known as H-Beam and that uses a metal frame almost indistinguishable at the edges of the terminal.

The heat that could be generated by the use of a processor as powerful as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 deals with a system of type “heat pipe”. The RAM memory is 4 GB maximum, of type LPDDR4, while the internal memory can be 64 or 128 GB, counting in both cases with the possibility of extending it with microSD cards of up to 2 TB.

There is no lack of resistance to water and dust in this LG V30, specifically it has an IP68 profile, which guarantees immersion for half an hour to a meter and a half deep.

LG V30
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Fast and wireless charging

As you are checking, the technical sheet of the LG V30 is almost impeccable. If we focus on an important section such as the battery, we must speak of a capacity of 3300 mAh, not bad considering its size. The best thing is that there is no lack of the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 system, which should charge 50% in half an hour and … wireless charging. Here LG is betting everything on the battery.

From the connectivity section we must highlight the USB type C 2.0, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE and of course WiFi ac.

P-OLED screen to impress

From the data sheet of the new LG V30, the most breakthrough comes from the side of the screen. We are facing an OLED panel, a technology that is well known on the Korean manufacturer’s side. Although LG does not specify it to avoid misleading, it is likely that we are before a panel already known by LG: a P-OLED.

This OLED panel of the LG V30 is not very different from Samsung’s AMOLED. Although in the beginning the layers of Samsung’s technology used glass, nowadays it is more common to resort to plastic to achieve precisely one of the advantages of this type of panel versus the LCD: flexibility.

They call it OLED to dry, AMOLED or P-OLED, in fact we are facing the same technology, but differentiated by the plastic chosen by manufacturer and the techniques used for its construction.

LG V30
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Officially we are left with the LG V30 panel is an OLED FullVision, which occupies the entire screen, even with the glass curved slightly at the edges to reinforce the continuity of the panoramic format. The screen is 6 inches, with 18:9 format and 1440p resolution (538 dpi density).

The LG V30 thus loses the double screen that LG has tried to strain in this series. In return, the Korean manufacturer leaves us an Always-On mode enriched by an application bar (up to five apps can be defined for it) and direct access to the music player and some tools. Both elements are accessible with the screen blocked. We will have to see how efficient they have managed to make it and what affects the battery.

Despite that screen size, the LG V30, like the G6, can boast of a record size: only 7.3 mm thick and weighing 158 grams.

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Hi-Fi sound

Accompanying the OLED panel, the LG V30 surrounds it with a Hi-Fi sound. Those responsible are the B & O engineers, collaboration that is extended in the chosen headphones to come as standard with the smartphone, also B & O Play.

The technology responsible for boasting quality sound is the 32 bit Quad DAC, including digital filters that the user can control. It is also a terminal with support for ** MQA ** technology (Master Quality Authenticated), which promises high resolution music streaming.

In the section on sound we can not forget that the LG V30 comes with voice recognition and the integrated Google assistant as standard.

Double camera with record opening: f1.6

LG V30
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At this point of 2017, the double camera in the highest range is a part of the technical sheet that no manufacturer can leave aside. The LG V30includes it, but with some more surprise.

Let’s start with the global data of the double camera, composed of a main element of 16 MP. It is accompanied by a second sensor with which LG insists on the idea of ​​having a wide angle, in this case 120 degrees, and with 13 MP resolution.

The most remarkable remains on the side of the brightness of the main camera, which drops to f1.6, which would give us about 25% more light than with a f1.8. We can also improve the effect of background blur or bokeh so used nowadays in mobile photography with portrait modes. The second camera has to conform to a luminosity f1.9

Regarding the secondary camera, that of the selfies, is 5 MP, with angular 90 degrees and f2.2.

Another technical novelty of the dual camera of the LG V30 is in the so-called Crystal Clear Glass using in the camera module (30% smaller than in the LG V20 according to the company) to reduce the distortion in the axes when taking photos with great angular and achieve a more faithful reproduction of colors.

The LG V30 camera does not miss your appointment with the laser + phase focus or optical stabilization for the main camera.

The manual mode, which remains almost intact and is the most complete, is enhanced with a curious functionality: choose a “professional, stock” image, and copy the ISO settings, white balance or shutter speed to the image that we take, but not a posteriori but at the same moment in which we shoot.

In the aspect of video recording aids we must mention the zoom, which in addition to being able to execute it from the center of the image, in this LG V30 supports marking a specific point of the scene and approaching it in an assisted way. Filters are also included, up to 15, to achieve different cinematic effects in our videos.

LG V30
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Also with face recognition and voice

In addition to the fingerprint reader placed on the back, under the dual camera system, the LG V30 includes face recognition. Making use of the front camera we can identify even with the screen off and without having to touch any button.

Another possibility is to identify ourselves on the telephone by voice, using keywords combined with the recognition of our tone of voice. The third combination to unlock the terminal is to use a pattern but not by sliding on the screen but by tapping in certain areas.

Versions and prices of the LG V30

The LG V30 can be purchased with two capacities: 64 and 128 GB (officially called V30 +), although the latter will only be available in very select markets. In both cases the RAM is the same, 4 GB.

As for the colors available, there will be four: Aurora black, Cloud silver, Moroccan blue and Violet Lavender. The availability of these will depend on the market.

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