Micro earphone: The perfect gadget to make your private conversations “invisible”

The micro earbuds represent the best technology has developed in recent years regarding anonymous wireless communication. So that those around us cannot understand that you are in audio contact with someone, even if you work in very quiet environments.

In some ways these tiny headsets represent the technological solution, to everyone’s reach, of a type of gadget that until recently was used, in the collective imagination, as protagonists of the scenes of the most famous espionage films.

Micro earphoneThe micro headsets currently on the market take full advantage of the latest generation Bluetooth technology, providing users with a safe product, able to offer maximum performance at reduced costs.

Invisible to the eyes and anatomically shaped, they are so miniaturized that they hide perfectly in the ear canal. In fact, they represent a powerful support tool not only for professionals such as theater actors, presenters, sportsmen, people engaged in public speaking sessions or in the investigative field, but also for all those who simply need to communicate while maintaining a certain discretion.

How an invisible micro earpiece is made

A micro earpiece is normally composed of two different elements: the earpiece and an element in jargon called inductor. The inductor is hidden in everyday objects, such as in pens, watches, glasses or necklaces and has the task of transmitting the voice of the speaker to the small earpiece in the ear.

The inductor can be connected to any device with audio output (for example the smartphone / tablet or MP3 player headphones) or, in the most advanced forms, directly via the latest generation Bluetooth connection, guaranteeing a battery life that can get up to 5 hours of conversation.

Micro earphone

Some devices also incorporate micro GSM devices equipped with telephone sim, thus completely autonomous. You can make a phone call or answer without having to interface with the smartphone for a maximum degree of freedom and usability!

Communication is clearly bidirectional: a high-gain microphone (extremely sensitive) is integrated in the inductor to capture our voice and transmit it to the other party.

The microphone adopted in these contexts is calibrated to pick up the voice even if only whispered, a further advantage for those who are particularly sensitive to privacy.

The inductor, whatever the object designed to integrate it, is always equipped with classic or touch-sensitive buttons that make it easy to make or answer a phone call, play a piece of music, change the volume by lowering it or raising it according to your needs .

All without having to interact with the smartphone or the music player.

Communication with the headset takes place through a magnetic field that is appropriately generated by a copper coil hidden inside the device itself.

Micro earphone

Different types of micro earphones

On sale are active earphones, powered by a 1.5volt micro battery and able to supply power to the small speaker, or passive or magnetic, generally made with neodymium and very small (2mm).

The latter do not need power. Compared to active earphones, they must be inserted deeper into the ear canal, placing them as close to the eardrum, resulting in non-invasive and always comfortable in use.

Being without speakers, the passive earphones generate sound through vibration directly on the tympanic membrane, generating a more crystalline tone even if less lively than that offered by an active type earpiece.

The models on the market

On the market there are several models of micro-earphones whose prices vary depending on the characteristics mentioned above, solutions are available for an amateur audience or specifically designed for professional users.

It starts from the classic necklace with cord to wear under garments, to be connected with a 3.5 jack cable to a smartphone or MP3 player, to the most technological wireless solutions like pens and super hi-tech watches for high performance.

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