ReMarkable wants to be the notebook of the future: An electronic ink reader in which we can draw

Tablets and e-book readers have to get bored in many formats and guidelines, but it is difficult to find a device you want to cover as many things as remarkable. Mainly it offers screen electronic ink rather large, which we can also write and draw.

As we see the product reminds us of Sony that we had christened “the future notebook” fortunately this is much more affordable, but neither is no bargain: US $ 379 across the pond. It is also true that its specifications are very interesting, we have not seen them in any competitor, and there may find a gap in the market.

If we see it as a reader, for nothing it is small with its 10.3-inch diagonal screen, when it is usual to move around 6 inches. This allows us to present it as a good place to visualize graphic contents, beyond the books.

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Read, write, draw

We see it as an electric book reader that can do many more things, it allows us to create contents

The screen resolution is also remarkable with 1,872 x 1,404 pixels, which gives a density of 226 ppi. It is fair to comment that the front of the screen is built in plastic, not glass, its creators have decided that is the best, it makes it more resistant.

The following attractive point is that the electronic ink display is sensitive to touch, our hands, and a pencil that makes the best use of the product, it can make strokes with a fairly decent quality, as recognized until 2048 pressure levels. Not only can we draw, we can also write and the system will recognize the text.

The technology used to achieve this owns, called KEDS and is based on panels E Ink Letter. Boasts low latency in recognition of the pulsations: 55 milliseconds (an iPad Pro with your pencil is about 38 milliseconds).

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In the hardware part there is little to comment, the brain is an ARM Cortex-A9 chip that is accompanied by 512MB of RAM and 8GB for storage (cannot be expanded). The contents are sent via WiFi. The battery is 3000mAh.

For those who want to know more, commenting that the operating system used is based on Linux, is called Codex, and as expected easily withstands reading all formats (PDF, ePUB).

It’s not crowdfunding

When and how much? As it will cost $379 in the United States and goes on sale in the summer of 2017, now what is accepted are reserves. The scare comes from knowing that the pen is not included, you pay $529 for the full package, which also brings a case. The pencil will be $79.

And no, it’s not a crowdfunding project as it might seem, this is something finished that will reach customers on the announced date. They have simply decided to advertise the product before people know it.

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