Three best in-ear headphones you can buy today

Are you interested in buying a new pair of in-ear headphones or earphones, but you don’t know how to consciously orient your choice? You are on the right page!

When you talk about the best earphones to listen to music, the first thing you’ll probably think of is one of those big devices that completely cover your ears. But now the market offers many types of headphones and earphones.

Many people use the earphones supplied with their smartphone as they are acceptable for everyday use of a few minutes, and they are not wrong.

They are simple and minimal, some models also have reproduction controls, and basically they are free because they are included in the cell phone package.

But anyone who has ever listened to good music with professional earphones knows that there are definitely more interesting alternatives. For this reason I have compiled a list with the best earphones currently on the market to help you choose the perfect model for you.

Only the earphones that have satisfied most users have been included in the list and I have highlighted the products with the best value for money.

If you want to buy a new pair of headphones other than those included in the package or if you want to bring the quality of your favorite songs to another level, wearing professional headphones, you are in the right place. Now let’s take a look at the list of the 3 best in-ear headphones you can buy in 2019.

1# RHA T20, DualCoilTM in-ear headphones

in-ear headphones

Exceptional sound quality had been achieved with the RHA T10 earphones. The T20 model is definitely better! These professional headphones are very similar to the previous T10 version in terms of material quality and design, but what matters are the internal components, right?

FEATURES: The T10s were already a great product, but this new driver is designed to further increase sound quality. One of the most unique features of the T10, which you find in the current model, are the interchangeable filters.

You can choose between filters that provide a perfect tonal balance of the neutral, or others to enhance the bass, or that focus on the high sounds. In practice you can get a refined sound that adapts to your personal taste.

This, combined with the large amount of suggestions included, makes the T20 much more customizable than the competitors and certainly the best headsets on the market.

PRICE AND MATERIALS: The price is around $190, slightly more expensive than the T10 model, but it is also fully justified by the attention paid to materials.

In fact, these earphones are made of stainless steel, injection molded onto the metal. A double density silicone was used for the filters and the earphone coating was made with a shape that pushed the performance to the maximum.

In other words, they are the best in-ear headphones you could ever want. Both models (T10 and T20) are sold with a simple cable, or with a microphone and remote control compatible with iOS.

2# Ubsound Fighter

in-ear headphones

PACKAGING: The Ubsound Fighter in-ear headphones are available in a fairly simple and minimal package. In addition to the earphones you will also get three silicone caps, with different sizes S / M / L based on the size of the ear and a velvet bag along with instructions for the remote control integrated in the headphones.

PRICE AND MATERIALS: Aesthetically the Fighter earphones are simple and elegant. Certainly they will succeed in satisfying the criteria dictated by the fashion of the moment thanks to their modern design.

The construction quality is excellent thanks to the lightness of the aluminum and the resistance of the steel in the earphone body. The cables have been specially made with a more squashed shape so as not to create tangles and the 3.5mm gold-plated jack appears to have been implemented perfectly.

The back of the plate has a circular metal shape where the company logo is stamped. Thanks to Amazon’s offers, they are certainly the best earphones for those who want to spend little and get great quality.

3) Panasonic Ergo Fit

in-ear headphones

PACKAGING: The third ranked in this list of the best earphones of 2019 is the Panasonic Ergo Fit. They are the best headphones that you can buy for less than $9, certainly the lowest price among the earphones we’ve seen so far.

The packaging, as you can also see from the photos above, is quite simple. Inside there is no soft carrying case, but you will find two extra silicone caps.

Obviously there are no volume controls or the microphone on the cable, but for less than $10 you can’t expect too much!

FEATURES:  Audio quality is absolutely the best you can ever find in a product that costs $8. One of the most interesting aspects of these Ergo Fit is that they are available in many different colors.

The earphones are designed to be perfectly matched to the colors of the 5th generation iPod Nano. Do you think that if you decide to buy 7 of the 8 colors available on Amazon, you would not have yet exceeded the $50 expense.

These super inexpensive in-ear headphones use 9mm drivers and the ergonomic design of the earphones is perfect for adapting to the ear without difficulty.

The real strength, in addition to the advantageous price, is definitely comfort. You can use them in the gym, on a bicycle or during a light run. They won’t move an inch.

Obviously for more dynamic activities I don’t recommend them, but if you want to enjoy some physical activity or take a walk listening to good music, then you have found the best earphones for you!

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