Web design: Here are the trends of 2016

Every so often you have to change style and feel younger. Just a haircut or a wardrobe change and here it feels better already.

The same happens with the e-commerce: to do so please users eliminate some poor from the template and change the shapes of the layout. Because? The reasons are many: make it more attractive and inviting, credible and competitive, but also fast and interesting eyes of Google.

If you want to open a new e-commerce or do a makeover in yours, who still has flash animations, you’re in the right place here is the 2016 trends in terms of web design!

Web design
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One scroll is forever

When you are designing a website we can no longer neglect the version mobile friendly. While until a few years ago not fit the site to the container, today is the mobile support that law.

In recent years we have witnessed a surplus of smartphones and tablets, to the detriment of fixed and portable computers dear: the result is that web designers now think mainly those who surf and buy mobile and does not have time and want to dwell too much on the details but he wants speed and smoothness. Do not click and not the law.

One of the latest web design trends is just the continuous scroll , which allows you to slide your finger on the screen and see a preview of all the parts of the site.

In this way was born a long homepage and articulate where every picture tells a piece of history of the brand, the product and production, shows some product in the catalog or other details to be explored in the next page.

One page virtually hosts all the content: it is not necessary to click above to discover them, just make scrolling and enjoy crisp, eye-catching photographs, illustrations, stories, colors.

Along with these huge and long pixel made canvases, fonts are larger and are increasingly typographical, ultra-readable, thought that they do not read but should pick up the type of product they have in front of a look given fled to the mobile phone screen: Wide in characters beautiful large and very readable, that stand out from the background and describe the product in a clear and concise.

By the way, you will not want to miss the user upon joining the product, right? Discover the mistakes to avoid!

Slideshow videos instead of photos

Why be limited to an image property and, at times, inexpressive if you can capture the user with a video, already from the slideshow? This trend is catching, there are many e-commerce offering small animated gif that are followed in Home.

You do not know whether to use a video or photos? You can opt for a Cinegraph, a moving image, which can be inserted instead of the usual photos in the product, or even can liven up a post too long and boring, like this:

An image of this type can hold the viewer … oops user on your page for 15% more than normal.

But to take advantage of all the possibilities of the medium, we’ll want to occupy the space at your disposal here is because among the 2016 trends are not lacking layout and images in full screen, replacing the colored or monochromatic backgrounds that appear in the portion of the space behind the content of the site.

What happened to the menu?

If before the user needed to orientate in a site thanks to these important guides, menus now have become redundant: they are eliminated (especially in tourist sites) or are transformed into so-called “burger menu” characterized by now very well known three horizontal lines remember precisely the three layers of a hamburger.

This menu now has caught on not only on the smartphone as well as on all websites, including e-commerce and is destined to become famous as much as the old pull-down menu.

Finally, let’s talk about that detail that could bring in (or out) on your website in the Olympus web design trendy: the layout grid, cleared through customs by Pinterest and now much used in many pages. It is useful if you want to organize different types of content in a unique portion of space.

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