Six Common Kitchen Design Issues

The opportunity to design your dream kitchen can be both exciting and daunting. To make the process a bit simpler, here are some common kitchen design problems that are important to avoid.

1. A Lack of Storage

It can be surprisingly easy to get caught up in the big picture and fail to ensure that your beautiful kitchen is actually functional. Without enough storage, your kitchen will quickly start to look cluttered, so make sure that your appliances, crockery, cookware and utensils all have their own place.

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In fact, according to this Express article, kitchens that don’t have enough storage can even devalue your property and put off potential buyers.

2. Poor Layout

It’s always worth spending plenty of time considering your options when it comes to the layout of your new kitchen. It can be beneficial to work with a professional kitchen refurb team here, as they will understand how to position your sink, refrigerator and stove for maximum usability.

3. Misguided Colour Choices

Colour can have a huge impact on the way a space looks and feels. So, it’s important to select colours that feel welcoming and ensure your kitchen is somewhere you enjoy spending time.

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  1. A Lack of Counter Space

    Without enough counter space, your kitchen isn’t going to be the functional space you need it to be. If you have enough available space, it can be beneficial to incorporate a kitchen island, which will act as a focal point and provide valuable extra surface space.

    5. Not Enough Ventilation

    Ventilation is essential to prevent cooking smells from permeating throughout your home and ensuring that you aren’t overrun with condensation and steam. It’s important to choose a range hood of the correct size and ensure it is properly vented outside.

    6. Zero Personalisation

    Without personalisation, your new kitchen will lack character and feel a bit uninspiring. Choose decor, fixtures and hardware that you love and include family pictures for that extra personal touch.

    We hope we’ve given you plenty of points to keep in mind when planning your kitchen refurb project. Happy planning!

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