Tiny computer of only one cubic millimeter is so powerful that it counts on artificial intelligence

Tiny Computer

The so-called millimeter computers or micromotes are not new, have been developed for several years with the idea of pushing tiny devices for minimal energy consumption, especially for IoT devices. The University of Michigan is the one that has been in charge of investigating more thoroughly within this technology, in fact two years ago they presented us their first bet with the M ^ 3.

Today at the International Conference on Solid State Circuits of the IEEE (ISSCC), computer scientists David Blaauw and Dennis Sylvester of the University of Michigan presented the latest update to their micromote, which has significantly decreased their consumption Energetic, expanded its memory, but the most relevant is that it is now able to integrate an entire system of artificial intelligence.

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SSD against hard drive: This way a notebook performance improves


Improving the performance of a computer, whether desktop or laptop, directly, simply and economically, is currently replacing the traditional hard disk with an SSD. At the price we can find them currently, it is a winning solution and does not require a significant effort or outstanding payout. At least for the improvement we get in return.

Advantages of SSD vs. Hard Drive

When thinking about changing a classic hard drive by an SSD the first thing that comes to mind is the speed improvement that we will get. But it is not the only one.

With very short access times and maximum speed transfers, which allow us to run applications faster or copy / move files faster, we must add that we are talking about units based on flash memory that do not have moving parts, So they are more reliable and resistant. This causes that the falls of the equipment do not pose a risk for the own data (if the SSD is not damaged, of course).

On reliability with time and GB of writing, as we discussed in the analysis of SSD Blue WD, except in very specific cases, we will change equipment or unit before the current begins to fail.

SSDs are also silent disks in their operation, and with a very reduced consumption compared to classic HDDs, since they do not require movement of any part. With the advancement in the capacity with which we can get them without the price, difference is very large compared to classic disks and increasing reliability, there is no reason not to have an SSD in our desktop or laptop except for very specific cases.

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Quadro GP100 is the latest in Nvidia for workstations 16 GB of HBM2 memory and NVLINK


Well, the whole family is now converted to Pascal; if we have seen the GeForce GTX and the Titans go months ago, now it’s the turn of the Quadro. These are the graphics designed to place on workstations, so more than a mass product to play; this has a rather different destination, but no less interesting for those who follow the world.

Nvidia has presented at the SOLIDWORKS World event up to six new graphics cards, all with a professional destination, but the one that interests us most is the Quadro GP100. This unit presumes, among other things, to have 16GB of memory in HBM2 format.

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The sale of tablets plummets to Microsoft’s joy, which sets the standard in convertibles

sale of tablets

The numbers do not come back to the manufacturers of tablets, which a quarter more – and nine consecutive – have fallen in sales. A new IDC study reveals how sales of such devices have fallen 20.1% from a year ago, and it does not appear that this trend can change.

The bad news is not so great for Microsoft, which has gradually gained the confidence of users with its Surface Pro, the reference convertible tablets that are stealing the wallet to the pure tablets based on both Android and iOS.

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5 Great Apps to Help College Students Manage Life

If you’re currently attending college you probably know that life can become extremely hectic. There’s not just class, but extracurricular activities and a social life to maintain (though in the case of an emergency the latter is typically the first to go out the window). If this seems like your life, don’t worry too much. There are steps you can take to make things much easier and organized. Best of all, these steps are as easy as owning a smartphone, which you likely do.

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How to Get the Best Deal on a Laptop for Your College-Bound Student

We’ve all been there. Your student just got into college and you know it’s time to get them their own laptop, but the sheer thought of all the possible choices gives you a migraine. Fear not, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The fact that there are so many options means that the right choice is out there somewhere, you just have to look for it. Here to assist you with that task are some recommendations on how to get the best deal on a laptop for your college-bound student.

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If you are going to buy a hard drive, look out for these models they are the ones that seem to fail


The conventional hard drives offer large storage capacities with a very competitive cost price per Gbyte is clearly lower than in the case of SSDs, especially for increasing capacity, but some brands are more trouble than others.

That’s what reports backBlaze reports every year, a company that offers an online storage service and that every year studies the performance of the disks you have on your servers. Western Digital is the worst performer according to that report.

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The smartphone of the future will have holograms, virtual assistant and look like a sex toy, according to this concept


Philippe Starck is currently one of the most important industrial designers of our time, his works have transcended due to its peculiar aspect that mixes aesthetics with functionality. Its work is present in a large number of architectural projects and various types of objects. Perhaps for many of us it will be easier to identify him if we say that he was responsible for the design of the Mi Mix of Xiaomi.

Now Starck has joined Jerome Olivet, another famous French designer, to create a concept that shows us what the smartphone of the future should be like, a radical change that completely eliminates the touch screen interface, to take a step towards the use Of holograms.

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Chrome OS wants to conquer us in 2017: More formats, stylus and Android applications are the keys

Chrome OS

This platform has gained strength thanks to the announcement last year that Android applications would be supported directly on these computers, but in 2017 Chrome OS wants to gain much more ground. Convertible formats will join other types of products based on Chrome OS and the stylus will become relevant, but we also have on the horizon that mysterious Andromeda project that wants to merge Chrome OS with Android.

Chromebook launches cheer up

The Samsung Chromebook Pro / Plus launched in the past CES 2017 already surprised us by its screen with resolution of 2,400 x 1,600 pixels, while the Acer Chromebook 11 N7 stood out for their splash resistance or drops. ASUS and its Chromebook Flip C302 appropriated the convertible format, but in recent days, we have seen even more models ready to conquer users.

Today we learned about the launch of the Dell Chromebook 11, which also adopt that format convertible to be able to use in tablet or portable format when we need it.

However, the option that stood out was to support the Productivity Active Pen, the optional pencil that Dell offers to take notes or draw on the screens of these devices. This type of option, already present in others such as the aforementioned Samsung Chromebook Pro, marks a clear turning point in the bet by the touch interface and pointer in these products.

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