What were the smartphone operating systems of 2007?

smartphone operating systems

9th of January of 2007, after months of rumors Apple officially presented a new concept of mobile phone that called iPhone. The device surprised with its form and especially its operating system, which at the end of that year met with the presentation of Android as a response from Google.

At that time, the market was widely dominated by Symbian, and we also had a Windows Mobile that already in those days was trying to offer more with a phone, but with a totally different interface to iOS or Android. Today we are going to put the magnifying glass right there, in the operating systems that dominated the smartphones of ten years ago.

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The Oukitel K10000 Pro features a monstrous and great 10000 mAh battery

Oukitel K10000 Pro

Give it with ultra-slim design mobiles. Seriously, some users want thicker and more battery-powered mobiles not to suffer so much with that autonomy that usually gives more of a problem. There are not many who bet on this section, but here we have Oukitel to prove that there are options for all tastes.

It is what they achieve with their Oukitel K10000 Pro, the successor of a model appeared two years ago. As it happened then, the most striking feature of this smartphone is the inclusion of a monstrous battery of 10000 mAh that now joins features that will put this device in tune with the current times.

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Acer Switch 5: More wood for a convertible that boasts of Kaby Lake and liquid cooling

Acer Switch 5

Last year in the presentation of a singular convertible by Acer: the Switch Alpha 12 highlighted by a unique design support, but above all by a liquid cooling system called LiquidLoop that allowed integrating powerful processors without the need to use traditional fans.

That success is repeated in the Acer Switch 5, which now come with new Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 seventh generation (Kaby Lake) that bring more efficiency and power to these flashy 2 in 1.

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