Which is better home WiFi? Recycle an old router, use an access point or a repeater!


We know different ways, tricks and curiosities to improve the coverage of our WiFi network and that the signal reaches all corners of the home. Among others, we emphasized the following options: reuse an old router, use a repeater-amplifier or a wireless access point.

Which is better, which system is best for me, is it more powerful, faster, easier to install, cheaper and more reliable? Well, then we will try to answer these and other questions.

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The Reasons Why Big Tech Companies Are Tuning In to Motivational Speakers

The tech sector is one of the most competitive industries. It’s a sector that’s heavily focused on efficiency, specifically producing more profits while driving the costs down. Source: https://pixabay.com/en/turntable-top-view-audio-equipment-1109588/ But, here’s an interesting trend: We all know that hiring motivational speakers costs money. However, these tech companies are gulping almost every known motivational speaker in … Read more

How to know if your passwords have been leaked on the Internet


It is increasingly common for large companies to experience massive data leaks from their users, and seeing how cyber threats are evolving does not appear to be changing. That’s why today we’re going to teach you how to check if your passwords have leaked on the Internet.

We will do this by checking each of your emails to see if it has been included in some of the databases that have been leaked to the network. In this way not only protect the account that has leaked itself so that no one will steal it, but the rest of accounts in which you repeat your email or password.

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How to Use 4K Video in Your Digital Projects

Displays which support 4K resolutions are becoming increasingly common, so it makes sense to ensure that your digital projects are able to take full advantage of this higher pixel count. Here is a look at how you can achieve this effectively using your website. Image Credit Immediate Impact Part of the benefit of adding 4K … Read more

Samsung is working on its own smart speaker with Bixby to compete with Amazon and Apple, according to the WSJ

Samsung Bixby

Perhaps we are having another war on the technological battlefield, although paradoxically less noisy. With the outbreak of virtual assistants it seems that there is another speaker, and after the latest proposal from Apple it seems that one of its direct rivals is brewing something and come information that Samsung is preparing a loudspeaker with integrated Bixby.

The assistant met him after months of rumors and was released with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, although he has experienced some delays in terms of his functions since his departure. Now, while it is coming in other languages, it seems that the Korean company also prepares a hardware product focused on the use of the own assistant, thus facing those of Amazon, Google and Apple among others.

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HTC U11, eye-catching, powerful and with one of the cameras of the moment


Without offering anything different, brands that are not at the top of high-end sales have it complicated. The HTC U11 is the answer of an eternal candidate for phone of the year that finally in this 2017 has obtained a smartphone of outstanding.

An HTC high-end “unrecognizable”

We do not stop repeating that in the current market of high-end smartphones must be noted. It can be done with the double camera, with the removal of frames or as is the case of the HTC U11, with a design at least very striking. But above all breaker for the company, from the most sober up to this model.

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