Acer Aspire S 13, powerful and attractive ultrabook at a competitive price

Acer Aspire S 13

A few months ago Acer presented its new range of portable premium Aspire S 13. The Taiwanese company usually noted for offering economic alternatives, so it is very interesting to know what were capable in the field of professional ultrabooks with a proposal whose configuration more expensive hardware does not exceed thousand dollars.

To answer this question we have been testing for a few days one of the most powerful versions of this device, equipped with i7-6500U processor, 8GB of RAM, 13.3-inch screen and hard drive 512GB SSD. Will there be achieved a good performance against alternative several hundred dollars more expensive.

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Microsoft cloud grows by 102%, while its mobile sink by 71%

Microsoft cloud

Today was the day chosen by Microsoft to present its financial results corresponding to its third fiscal quarter or second quarter of 2016 ended June 30; roughly it has exceeded analysts expectations by showing good numbers and a consolidation of its business in the cloud, which has caused so far in after- hours trading the shares of the company presented an increase of 4%.

In short, Microsoft is reporting revenues of $ 22,642 million, 7% higher than the same quarter last year, exceeding expectations of 22.140 billion expected by the market. In general an increase occurs in the wide range of company business, where the cloud has become to look like the most important business, while in the other corner is the business of smartphones that no longer seems to matter to Microsoft.

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SoftBank purchase ARM for 24,300 million pounds to gain prominence in the IoT


British chip developer ARM Holdings has confirmed this morning that it has accepted a takeover offer from Softbanc, the Japanese multinational telecommunications and the Internet. The operation was carried out by 24,300 million pounds as reported this morning the Financial Times.

This operation becomes the largest acquisition of a European technology company, with which the Japanese operator hopes to lead one of those expected to be of the greatest technological markets in the coming years, the Internet of Things. SoftBank will pay 17 pounds in cash for each share in ARM.

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You do not need the Nintendo Classic Mini: The Raspberry Pi gives you that and more

Nintendo Classic Mini

What happens to Nintendo? We had been months without much to tell the Japanese video game giant and spent two weeks in which between the social phenomenon created by Pokémon Go and newly introduced Nintendo Mini Classic: Nintendo Entertainment System not stop talking about them.

That we love, of course, especially since it seems that the company has known how to choose the right time to combine the launch of a product that looks to the future with another, this retro console that looks to the past. The only problem? If you want to enjoy the old NES games you can do so easily and cheaply through an old acquaintance: The Raspberry Pi.

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Although moderate, follows the drop in computer sales according to Gartner and IDC

Drop in computer sales

We recently came the rumor that Microsoft was preparing an all in one (also all-in-one or AIO) could be the newest member of the Surface family. A rumor that besides being surprised by something new in the line of hardware so does the company to take the course of computers. A sectors we saw earlier this year continues of a drop in sales and remains the same, although at a different pace.

Here again it touches learn not by the manufacturers, but by analyst firms like IDC and Gartner, which often provide clues both distributions computers and other devices. In the second quarter of 2016, we see it is that again a drop in sales is recorded, although somewhat less pronounced than in the previous one.

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Advice for Computer Science Freshman in College

Right now, a computer science degree could be a golden ticket if you use it right. Of course, you will also need some good advice too. If you have a specific love for computer science, you will relish in learning about coding and understanding the way computers work. After you graduate, there will be a plethora of opportunities, but while you are still in college, you will really want to plan accordingly and learn what you can from your degree program. A lot of what you learn will go out the window in the real world, but you can still hold on to some of the basics tenets. Here is some advice for computer science freshman in college.

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How to Keep Your Digital Life Secure on Campus in College

College campuses are rife with students who underestimate the importance of web security, which is why their servers are also rife with all kinds of hackers and malware. As a college student, you have to be sure to protect yourself in every way that you can from having your digital privacy violated, or even worse, being the victim of identity theft or fraud. In order to protect yourself, you have to take a few basic precautions that everyone should know. Here is how to keep your digital life secure on campus in college.

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Enhance Your Online Presence

If you don’t already have a website for your business then it really should be a priority. To start with you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a professionally designed website. Buy yourself a domain name, find a hosting company and use a WordPress skin to begin with, you can always customise it over time.

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Transparent algorithms: Why Google and Facebook not release their algorithms as Open Source?

Transparent algorithms

The algorithms involve us, but they do not know what they actually do. Google presents search results in a certain order and orders Facebook news and updates on our timeline according to certain criteria, but these recipes are secret and are jealously guarded by those who use them.

Should companies explain in detail what those algorithms? Some argue this option and make the analogy with the free software, a philosophy in which the code is published, shared, edited and redistributed freely. The debate on the transparency of the algorithms is more fashionable than ever.

Facebook in the spotlight

The Trending Facebook feature is a good example of such algorithms. Although it is assumed that who you really are that algorithm power users and how they use the social network, the operation of this program is totally unknown.

Facebook algorithm has a limitation: it is created, managed and fed by humans. Are we or rather Facebook- employees who decide what data is valid, what is done with them, and what response you get from them. An algorithm behaves better or worse shape is not just the fault of Facebook, but our, users, we feed this algorithm with our activity and our comments.

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