If you want to play the computer in the TV lounge, attentive to Samsung: Steam Link on their TVs


Samsung likes to add services and features to their TVs to try to make a difference with competitors, mainly focused on LG. The next thing we will see – the Koreans have not yet been delivered – is the integration of technology Steam Link in their new TVs.

What does this mean? Therefore, be able to play on the big screen with what we have running on your computer. Valve is what has discussed the possibility at the conference Steam Dev Days that took place in Seattle, and so have given visibility specialists on the subject as Steam Spy. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement for details about models, dates, and possibilities.

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A minicomputer plate for $16? CHIP Pro is new competition for Raspberry Pi Zero


The tiny computer CHIP has become quite popular since it appeared last year, mainly because of its price: $ 9, rapidly rising to $ 30 if we put shipments, adapters and cables. Costs aside, has become a decent competition for Raspberry Pi Zero.

With it we can do many things, one of the most famous is the use as a handheld brain PocketCHIP. The developer team has considered that it was time to upgrade to the microcomputer, and do so in two ways : a version CHIP Pro which costs $ 16 and a chipGR8 SIP (processor and RAM) that goes for $ 6.

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Did you like the NES Mini? With this cartridge with Raspberry Pi and 2400 Zero games you are going to hallucinate


Projects emulators consoles are not new, but the arrival of the new NES Mini is serving for people interested to delve into the wonderful world of the maker community, where they can jump-start fascinating projects with the help of a Raspberry Pi, which it offers possibilities (almost) endless.

Today we will know one of the most amazing projects born of the imagination and ingenuity of the members of the maker community, because it makes use of an original piece of the NES, in this case a cartridge, to turn it into a powerful emulator console with capacity for 2400 classic games.

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The Apple of Jobs against Apple Tim Cook: An Analysis with all data


On October 4, 2011, five years ago, Apple presented the iPhone 4S. The new terminal remained in the background in the absence of until a few weeks before Apple’s CEO. Steve Jobs had left into the hands of Tim Cook for the first time and was not present at the keynote of an iPhone.

There was something odd about the atmosphere of the presentation. The manager of the new terminal unveil Apple’s SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller, he was too serious at a critical time for the company. Unfortunately, the reason would know the next day, October 5: Steve Jobs had died.

No we were still conscious, was beginning one of the most media transitions from one Technology Company. One that will inevitably be compared to Steve Jobs, the founder, visionary and charismatic leader with Tim Cook, a man of intuition and architect of the incredible efficiency of Apple.

The cold numbers efficiency and profitability of Apple

Throughout this article we will compare key aspects of the last ten years of Apple. The first five correspond to the stage led by Steve Jobs, while the last five are the focus in the current CEO, Tim Cook. All data shown in the graphs correspond to the Apple fiscal year, which ends in late September. That is, the Q1 begins in October and ends in December, so Q4 2011 defines both periods.

To analyze the efficiency and profitability of Apple under the mandate of both CEOs, we have selected three metrics. During the term of Jobs, Apple generated more than 285,000 million dollars in revenue and profits almost 56,000.

Revenues exceed 912,000 million and profits are 208,000 million. Comparing both periods, we see how both income and profits have more than tripled. The reasons are obvious: the iPhone started to become a product mainstream circa 2009 and 2010, while the iPad fever from 2011 spurred further company revenue.

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MacBooks with ARM micros! Sierra prepares macOS support the ARM architecture


A few days ago we talked about the new Apple A10, powerful processors iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus count showing some surprising benefits. While some micros we noted that these could be the heart not only of their phones, but also hypothetical MacBook ARM.

This hypothesis is strengthened again after the discovery that has been made in Sierra macOS code, the desktop operating system Apple that until now was totally oriented x86 processors. A new line, however, shows that support ARM processors is a fact.

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iPhone 7 without headset port: Apple has been successful with this decision? We are debating its pros and cons


The new iPhone in July and 7 Plus, the absence of the headphone port is one of the aspects that debate has arisen. Comes with water resistance, brighter screen, better camera (even double in the iPhone 7 Plus as we saw in our first impressions), the more power … but few stop talking headphone port.

On whether Apple has been successful or not, if you have done thinking about the user or the pros and cons of that decision current passing through a new One to One. A discussion the absence of the headphone port on the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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If you like speed, you will like the new Samsung 960 EVO reach 3,500 MB/s


The explosive evolution of SSDs is turning these units into a continuous surprise in terms of capacity and performance is concerned. Every time we have more economical solutions in cost per GB, but what really sets these devices is their speed transfers, leaving the bitumen to traditional hard drives.

That has again demonstrated with the launch of the new Samsung 960 PRO and Samsung 960 EVO, units in M.2 PCIe SSD format with which the manufacturer again offers transfer speeds of vertigo: up to 3,500 MB / s in reading and up to 2,100 MB / s in writing.

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iPhone 7 Plus, what more and less we liked


If you want to know the best and worst of the new iPhone in July, we have prepared some first impressions where we tell you what we liked most and what causes us more questions or rejection. And of course these first impressions of the iPhone 7 Plus comes with its corresponding video so you can see close up and running.

iPhone 7, it seems quite different

Unless you turn around and observe the change of place of unsightly band antenna, you have chosen one of the two new colors, or look in profile the biggest bulge of the double camera, the iPhone 7 Plus is the same as the model From last year.

The usual design change that Apple has held every two generations has stopped on this iPhone 7 Plus. But there are many changes in its base design so that we cannot ignore this section.

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iOS 10: How to install it and what your news?

iOS 10

As usual at this time, today Apple will release iOS in October, the new version of its operating system for iPhone and iPad announced during the WWDC last June. Here we summarize all the developments that will bring this OS, and everything you need to know about its compatibility and installation. We started!

iOS 10 devices

First of all, what you can install iOS devices in October? In this case, Apple has made this new operating system compliant with the following models:

  • iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus.
  • iPad mini 2 mini 3 mini 4, iPad (4th gen), iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro (9.7″and 12.9″)
  • iPod touch (6th gen)

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How many hours should kids play with video games, according to science

Children play video games

Research on the effects of video games is a mess. Sorry to be so direct, but it is. On the one hand, there is evidence that video games can improve cognitive abilities and emotional young (and not so young). On the other hand, there are numerous studies that link them with behavioral problems, violence and an increased risk of developing addictions.

The battle between those who think that video games are the wrong done bits and those who believe they are a good thing dates back to the popularization of the first games in the seventies. Although, as always, there are intermediate positions: a team of researchers from CIBERESP argues that the key is not whether we play or not play video games, but how we do it and, above all, in how we play.

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