The race of the petaflops: These are the ten most powerful supercomputers in the world


Some time we have shown you examples of supercomputers, those incredible equipment in power and size that are necessary tools for the tasks of prediction and design in scientific and military fields. In the beginning of time this was something quite American, but today the globe is full of examples that bother and even surpass the ‘USA’ artillery, something especially recognizable if we go to China.

Accustomed to comparing domestic equipment in the teraflops scale, to measure the dexterity of these mega computers we have to go up to the petaflops. For those who are lost with the nomenclature, in the computer world, the floating-point operations per second are used to measure the performance of the equipment.

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Quantum computing has a new leader: IBM and its 50-qubit quantum computer

Quantum computing

We have a new milestone in the history of computing: IBM is announcing a new project that has given life to the most sophisticated quantum computer to date, thanks to its 50 qubits, or quantum bits, that open up a world of possibilities for a new and powerful way to process information.

In addition to this, IBM is also announcing a new quantum computer of 20 qubits, which will be the first to be available commercially within the cloud services offered by the company. With this, IBM seeks to take the lead in this segment that has begun to explode and where companies like Google and Intel are betting in an important way.

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Intel returns to the charge with a few Optane SSD 900P reserved for gaming and workstations


Our analysis of the first Intel Optane units that this manufacturer brought to the market left us with mixed feelings that did not make it very clear if this storage technology could become a reference in a market dominated by traditional SSDs.

It seems that Intel strongly believe that it is, because they just presented the Intel Optane SSD 900P Series, a new family of solutions based on 3D XPoint technology in this case, yes, is aimed at users of gaming equipment and those of work stations, where of course the preliminary benchmarks of Intel promise excellent performances.

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Google Home Mini: Smaller but with the same features as its big brother

Google Home Mini
Google Home Mini
Image Source: Google Image

It was one of the expected, and Google has not disappointed: Google Home Mini is the reduced version of Google Home in size, but not so much in features: the new connected speaker of this manufacturer provides much of the virtues of the original model.

He also does it at a very interesting price: $49 in the countries where it will be offered for sale, the same ones in which his older brother is available. The product is powered by Google Assistant and includes the new voice recognition feature, Voice Match, which differentiates each user from the device.

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