Tips for Improving Website Usability

You can’t be all things to all people, but you can certainly try improving website Usability for both web browsers and the visitors who trickle onto your site. Still, it can be an agitating task. But there’s good news. It doesn’t have to be that way. Avoiding the frustration of trying to make your website … Read more

6 Practical Tips to Make your Blog Sticky

What makes some blogs “sticky“? Why do readers return again and again to certain blogs, while with others they only visit once and never come back? These are crucial questions for every blog owner to consider. Getting traffic to your site is obviously important, but that’s only your first job. Then you have to make … Read more

Total bet for the Sony Xperia X? Everything points to other families begin to lose weight

Sony Xperia X

Sony is one of those companies that seem to want to kill many times – and it is not our intention – but always walks reinventing or mulling how to improve this impossible market of smartphones or their market shares, nor its financial results correspond to the value of their products, and seems to have much to do with knowing sold, or hit with the type of product you have to offer.

The debate already had with the death sentence of the Xperia Z, and that there was more to look at the catalog of products that will flourish in the new family Xperia X, which overlaps with them and not make much sense there both terminal like less in a company that you have to do is cut and hit.

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