DeepMind is already learning to play with physical objects … Yes, as a small child!


The artificial intelligence is like a small child, his way of discovering the world is what is the scope and tools that offer to open to the world. Google knows that with DeepMind, artificial intelligence platform, go step by step, and today are adopting a learning method based education used in children.

Although DeepMind is already a power play and won the Go, plus it was already preparing for his next challenge in StarCraft II, the platform should start with the basics, which is able to identify objects and their properties in order to take Other types of decisions based on experiences.

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Samsung does not give up and shows us a new ‘semi-automatic’ mechanism for flexible smartphones

Samsung working on flexible devices is not new, we have over five years reading all kinds of news and seeing concepts, but so far no commercial device, since everything has been postponed one year to another argued that now We will see the first flexible device signed by Samsung.

The last promise suggests that we will see two flexible devices in 2017. But while this happens, Samsung has just introduced a patent interesting that evolves all the concepts that were presented to us before, because it is a folding mechanism that operates semi – automatically, yes, as they showed a few months ago in a patent for “artificial muscle”.

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Artificial intelligence is already preparing for the complex art of lip-reading


Lipread is not a simple task, who say pursue it professionally guarantee results ranging from 20% to 60%, a very large variation as there are many factors involved in the reading is appropriate and serve To determine with certainty what was said.

This could end up in a not too distant future when systems based on artificial intelligence can perform this task automatically, where the deep learning plays a key role in being able to manage a lot of data and ‘learn’ with the passage of weather. Now a project developed by the University of Oxford brings us to that reality.

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GoPro collapses with a 40% drop in revenues, the worst downturn in its history


Despite the image they want to give dynamism and everything is better than ever, the reality is that things are not going well, nothing good in GoPro, who just introduced disastrous financial results for the third quarter of 2016, which they were well below forecasts of analysts that caused the company’s stock to plummet by 23%, the worst drop in the history of the company.

The stock market crash led the company to suspend operations so as not to suffer further damage, but in that lapse of nearly an hour the company lost nearly $ 250 million from a value of $ 1.30 billion to $ 972 million. The main reason was that GoPro presented revenues of 240.56 million dollars, while the same period last year income barely exceeded 400 million, which means a total drop of 39.9%.

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Sales of tablets fall back, but Amazon and low cost fare better


Keeps getting more interesting to see how sales are going tablets and computers with that sort of convergence that occurs in convertible or touch devices like the Surface Studio, and seeing that computers no longer essential especially in the creative sector and gamer. This time we have data on the sale of the first by IDC, and what we see is that the low cost tablets are becoming increasingly hollow even if the market falls.

The report is specifically the third quarter of 2016, reflecting a decrease of 14.7% over the same period in the previous year. A trend that is drawn for months and watched the last February by the same firm, at which time the decline over the previous year was somewhat lower, about 10%.

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What is Zcash? Why many see this cryptocurrency the perfect substitute for Bitcoin?


Users, investors and even the very Edward Snowden, everyone seems excited about a new cryptocurrency who is born today, but it takes months causing a stir in the network. It is called Zcash, and promises to be an alternative to Bitcoin caring privacy of users while offering as a real business for investors.

Zcash born from Zerocoin project, which started after being a layer of anonymity for Bitcoin cryptographic eventually became an independent cryptocurrency. As expectations are many and it can from now you hear talk enough of it, we are going to tell what exactly Zcash and what are their fundamental differences with Bitcoin.

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How Apple Products Enhance Teaching and Learning

For generations, schoolchildren used to walk to the school house with books, a small slate and an apple for the teacher. Now the Apple is for both the teacher and the student with Apple products that can enhance the classroom. You can do virtually anything on an iPad and a Mac, from delivering lectures, taking notes, creating projects, presentations, and instructional videos. Part of instilling information is creating an impression, and Apple products will allow your students to engage in educational experiences they will never forget. 

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The worst fiscal year Apple iPhone sales fall for third consecutive quarter

Apple iPhone sales

Apple is releasing the financial results for its fourth fiscal quarter, keeping the line of analyst forecasts where the iPhone still does not rebound and presents its third consecutive fall , leading to the company present a decrease in income compared to the previous year presented.

In total, Apple is showing revenues of 46,852 million dollars, representing a decline of 9% over the same period last year, thus maintaining the trend we saw a year ago when apparently the company reached the ceiling of its growth and that in the previous two quarters has been reflected with declines in almost all products.

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ASUS Zenfone Zoom, carry within 3X zoom requires sacrifices but it is something unique

ASUS Zenfone Zoom

The role of ASUS in the world of smartphone has been nothing traditional or conformist since its inception. Of them, we met the Padfone who became tablet and failed to take hold in the market. But even its more traditional terminals always contributed something differentiators. With the ASUS ZenFone Zoom back to the path of offering something quite different.

This large smartphone supports its appeal on the camera. Specifically, in the optical 3x zoom. Put it there does not come free, so in our analysis of ASUS Zenfone Zoom we have focused on knowing what sacrifices have to take to go around the world with a phone that allows us to the scene with three real increases.

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Leeco going to win big US: Smart TVs, new mobile, bike with Android and autonomous car


The promise of the arrival of Leeco America met in the summer, when the company said it would reach the new continent, specifically the United States during the month of October. Today the wait finally ended and the great Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi easily rivaling revealed its full range of possibilities that will be available in the West.

And it must be said that nothing is Leeco kept up his sleeve. No, the company makes available to the US market an autonomous car, two powerful and very cheap smartphones and even a bicycle that has Android operating system, plus some other interesting gadgets. Let’s do a review of all this aggressive bet.

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