KiloCore is the first chip with a thousand processors within Minimum consumption for the divide and conquer


A microchip with 1,000 independent and programmable processors – which also might call centers – has been designed and created by the University of California, in collaboration with IBM. A more focused project to be energetically very efficient at multitasking, which beat speed records.

Our protagonist is called KiloCore and implements a possibility that leaders like Intel had already put on the table. Welcome is parallel processing is the basis of mobile devices and desktop that live with us, but then to reach such a number of processing units, have to coordinate well to make the imagined performance.

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Autonomy, power, style or size? LG has an X phone for every need


Very curious the road leading LG with their phones X, a series of devices that are not intended to be the perfect solution for all rather have a demure specifications in some detail that makes them special. It may be the camera, the screen, even the battery.

The Korean company has four new members to the X family, responding to quite descriptive names of their abilities: X power, mach X, X and X max style. Some of its features overlap with high – end phones, those who belong to the families G and V.

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Privacy differential: It boasts Apple, Microsoft and Google created it uses


These days the developer conference held Apple, and during the WWDC keynote address that 2016 was a specific reserved for an issue that Apple is particularly proud section: the protection of privacy.

Speaking of his new efforts in this area, Apple mentioned the use of a discipline that few had heard: it is the “differential privacy”, a statistical system to collect and analyze data without compromising the identity and privacy of those who provided consciously or unconsciously. Do you know who created the concept? Microsoft, among others.

Collect data without violating privacy it is (mathematically) possible

The differential privacy is indeed a unique concept, especially now that all large companies based much of its activity to study our activity. Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Amazon do not stop to collect our data and then used in artificial intelligence engines, or advertising systems, or the way we recommend products and content.

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Moto Z and MotoMods, first impressions of the modular philosophy of Lenovo

Moto Z and MotoMods

2016 may be remembered as the year of the modular telephones , start your marketing ideas like LG with its G5, the final version of Ara, which will arrive this year to developers and in 2017 consumers, and now Lenovo Motorola is demonstrating that this is a trend that has several variants and where time define what is the most attractive and contributes more to the user.

Lenovo and Motorola presented its new family of devices Moto Z, which comes to complement the range of products positioned within the high – end not only as a new smartphone, but also as a new development platform that will expand the possibilities and open doors a new form of consumption. We had the opportunity to know and test the new Z Moto and MotoMods and then have our first impressions.

Before continuing, we must clarify that both the Moto Z as the Moto Z Force share many of the specifications, the differences are punctual and are focused on the camera in the ShatterShield technology, which makes the Force is a stronger team but basically we are faced with the same design, so we will refer to Moto Z as if it were a single computer.

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Panasonic ToughPad FZ-A2: The tablet for industrial use can use up with rubber gloves

ToughPad Panasonic

Although the tablet market is slowing down, many manufacturers launch such terminals with a race to see who is getting thinner and lighter devices .But there is one exception: the tablets intended for certain professional environments where there are more risks.

It is the land of the tablets ToughPad Panasonic, now extended family with the new FZ-A2 model. The Japanese automaker wants to control the sector of the tablets they need in factories, assembly lines, places with bad weather and any other environment where a general consumer – oriented tablet is too sensitive.

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When bad passwords past make your life impossible in this?

bad passwords

It is one of the day’s news: Mark Zuckerberg will have “hacked” his Twitter and Pinterest account. It is not the only person to have suffered an attack in recent days, and accounts of celebrities seem to have been the favorite targets of attackers. The main cause? Although still to be confirmed, it looks like it is related to the recent leaks of passwords for different services … after attacks that were carried out in 2012 and 2013.

Specifically, in mid-May appeared for sale on the Internet a list of more than 117 million users of LinkedIn, all with their respective email and password. Although information emerged in the 2016, it appears that the data is stolen from LinkedIn in 2012. If at that time you were a user of this social network, then it is very likely that your data is in the list.

Because right now? That’s the million dollar question. In 2012, after the attack, it was believed that only 6 million passwords had been leaked, without more information. The current filtration shows that, as some warned, that was only a fragment and, in fact, provides more information, such as e associated with each password. With all password hashes (SHA1 without skipping) in hand, it is still very difficult for the experts “crackears” for the actual password.

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Who remembers Longhorn? This was the lost Microsoft project that never came to see the light


After the launch of Windows XP in Microsoft began tinkering with a project called Longhorn. Which theoretically would be a minor update to its operating system it became a particularly ambitious development.

In fact it was so ambitious ever came to see the light (at least not in final version): Microsoft had to abandon many of the innovative ideas that sought to carry out this operating system and turned it into a version that would end up being one of the most criticized and hated of Microsoft: Windows Vista. Now a user makes us rediscover that lost project.

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