How to know and analyze your followers in social networks? 3 Guidelines

followers in social network

Do you know how much information you could have from your followers if you knew their behavior on social networks? Do you want to have guidelines to know why they act as they act and how that can affect the way you publish content and approach them?

Social networks are not only a means of communication for companies, but they are also a means of expression for many users. And that gives you a competitive advantage, because they allow you to actively listen and understand what they want.

Below I will explain in 3 steps how you can approach an interpretation of the behavior of users in social networks depending on the types of content they publish, their activity or the devices they use.

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What do I do if my smartphone has fallen into the water?

my smartphone has fallen into the water

Nowadays, more and more manufacturers are deciding to protect their devices against moisture or liquids. Whether officially with IP67 or IP68 certifications, depending on the level of resistance to water and dust, or unofficially, through adhesives and rubber gaskets, the manufacturers themselves think more and more that every time we use the mobile in environments more varied, increasing the risk of being damaged.

The iPhone 6s, for example, included design changes that give it greater resistance to water, but it was with the arrival of the iPhone 7 when Apple certified with IP67 protection the resistance to water and dust. The latest XS and XS Max models already have IP68 protection. But, regardless of the protection that our terminals have, what should we do if our smartphone is wet?

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TicPods Free: The Android version of the AirPods

TicPods Free

Mobvoi has launched its wireless headphones with a crowdfunding campaign that has obtained more than 2.8 million dollars. The TicPods Free are available in the Mobvoi online store and on Amazon at a price of 135.79 dollars from October 24, 2018.

The available colors are white, blue and red, everything depends on how much you want to draw attention. For our analysis we have chosen the red model, which tends slightly too orange.

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4 Tips for Buying Electrical Equipment

Maybe you work for a professional contracting or computing agency. Maybe you’re just building your own robot in your garage. Whatever your reasons for needing electrical equipment, here are four tips for finding the best products and getting the best deals. 1. Consider Your Specs There are many things to consider when it comes to … Read more

5 Tips to Improve Your Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing includes all the digital media (website, e-mail, social networks, video, etc.) that the activities use to attract and retain the attention of online users.

While traditional marketing strategies focus on attracting the attention and interest of people using TV or radio, online marketing strategies use digital interfaces to reach their audience.

With the progressive establishment of social networks, online marketing has become very interactive. Marketing with current customers, potential customers and other companies in the same sector has transformed unidirectional communication into multidimensional communication, where consumers also help to produce the content of online brands.

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How to clean the keyboard of the Mac

clean the mac keyboard

Now stop! I cannot really anymore! All that dirt on Mac’s keyboard must disappear … instantly! It is practically days and days that you keep repeating this phrase in your mind but until today you have not really started yet. Fed up with time, but you finally armed with good will, you did some research on the Web to find out how to proceed to succeed in the enterprise and you’re finished here, on my guide dedicated to the subject.

How do you say? Things are exactly like this and would you like to know if I can actually help you or not what to do? Of course yes, this time you can count on me. In the following lines you can find out, in a simple but at the same time detailed way, how to clean the keyboard of the Mac. Whether it’s an iMac, Mac Pro or Mac mini or a MacBook makes no difference, I’ve provided you with instructions on how to do it in one case or another.

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