What happened to TVs with 3D support?

TVs with 3D

‘Avatar’ unleashed 3D fever around the world. Suddenly that was the magic word in the mouth of industry, users and content producers. Televisions, computers, cinemas … all tried to take advantage of the pull of a technology that years later virtually disappeared from the map.

That apparent irrelevance of 3D content has been confirmed again at the recent CES, with manufacturers who have announced that they will no longer offer this capability in their new models to focus on other technical improvements. Sales have not stopped falling, less and less movies are released with that alternative version and users do not take advantage of that feature of their Smart TV more than anecdotally. Are we facing the death of 3D content in film and television?

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Internet is sick: Mozilla wants to cure it and protect its future


Mozilla is an organization known for its defense of an internet in which everything is open and in which it maintains that original spirit with which the network of networks was born. Things have changed in recent years, and there are several threats that have made the health of the internet at risk.

That is what has made Mozilla launch the so-called Internet Health Report, an initiative that investigates five themes: decentralization, digital inclusion, open innovation, privacy and security, and web literacy. The findings of the report are compelling, and we have talked about them with Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation.

Many challenges to overcome for healing

As the report’s findings indicate, there are major challenges that need to be overcome in order to try to get the internet on the right track. For example: despite the great advances in Internet adoption, 58% of the world’s population cannot afford an Internet connection.

Another problem affecting the Internet is the massive use of English, which has become the “native” language of the network: 52% of the websites are in English, although only 25% of the global population understands this language.

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QLED vs OLED: Which technology is best for our TV?


One of the technologies that have most sounded in this CES 2017 has been the QLED presented by Samsung in its new high-end televisions, which come to replace SUHD but with the same goal: to deal with OLED televisions. In fact, right now Samsung is the only major manufacturer that has decided not to bet on OLED, unlike LG, Sony or Panasonic, who already have several options in their catalogs.

Next we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the QLED against the OLED so that we all have a little more clear why option decanter us in case we are thinking about buying a new television.

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Why are you doing this to us, HTC?

HTC U Ultra

The launch of the HTC U Ultra has allowed us to meet the first high-end terminal of this 2017, but HTC’s efforts have been heavily criticized in various media, including ours. Someone at HTC is obsessed with bringing this company to absolute disaster.

Many are the arguments that can defend against a terminal that seems to be late and bad, with decisions very questionable in their hardware configuration and also confusing in their bet software. Not like that, HTC. Not so.

Damn jack: Is HTC one more lamb?

The first and most alarming signal of HTC’s lack of personality is that decision to eradicate the earphone port of its new HTC U Ultra. Why did he do it? Why deny users the ability to use hundreds, thousands of headphones of all kinds that they already used and enjoyed on their computers? Why do they force me to change the way I listen to music?

This is especially painful for a company that took special care of this section in its previous devices. We may no longer have that iconic design with the speakers on the front, but the HTC 10 was great in this area and provided a 3.5 mm connector that simply worked. No more. According to HTC …

We removed the headphone jack because we believe that the sound experience on the phone can go beyond mere transmission of sound. The sonic capabilities of the USonic headset would not be feasible with a 3.5mm headphone jack. We have microphones built into both headphones that “listen” to the sound pulses, which can adjust your audio to fit the unique architecture of your ears. We believe the market is poised to drive audio into new innovations that benefit the consumer listening experience.

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AMD Vega: The new generation of graphics that bet on the power thanks to HBM2

AMD Vega

AMD sought efficiency with Polaris and graphics as the remarkable Radeon RX 480, but the new generation of graphics cards of this company wants to put the difficult things to Nvidia in the field where it traditionally dominated: performance.

To achieve this comes AMD Vega, a new architecture that is focused on power and not so much on efficiency, and that benefits from the adoption of HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory) its new standard for graphics. This could be AMD’s most important architectural leap in years, and we already have the first details of this release.

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Samsung raises ‘gaming’ market with own brand: Odyssey debuts with two laptops

Samsung Odyssey

There is no one who wants to stay out of the business of gaming, especially powerful in regard to laptops, and there also wants to be Samsung with a brand of its own. In this CES 2017 we are getting tired of seeing models and brands offering similar products, something that we started to live in the past IFA.

Be it brand or family, what we should know is that the new line of notebooks designed to play is going to be called Odyssey , which is quite a declaration of intentions in Samsung since until very recently it has been rumored that they wanted to get rid of the division Of computers. In fact you are already moving parts in other markets that have to do with the game, such as monitors.

Backlighting and striking designs for the premiere of Odyssey, brands do not see a discreet appearance for their gaming equipment

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5 GHz in one click overclocking and possibility to use your own pieces printed in 3D: ASUS Z270 for Kaby Lake


The new ASUS Z270 motherboards hit the market as the newly released seventh generation of Intel desktop processors, and is made up of different series with the ROG Maximus IX leading the way in overclocking functions.

ROG is already a symbol for the gaming world. Leveraging the output of Intel’s unlocked multiplier processors, ASUS has introduced its new range of Z270 motherboards already ready to take full advantage of Intel’s Kaby Lake processors.

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Tips to Crack NEET Exam and How to prepare?

You should first collect all the required information like the syllabus, which chapters to choose?, where to begin? Also how to finish the entire syllabus by breaking it into smaller parts? And from where to practice and how to practice etc. You need to be prepared with the entire schedule without wasting much time thinking over it. So here are a few points you can start with;
Which books to choose?

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Intel Core i7-7700K, Core i7 Kaby Lake most powerful resort to 4K as hook for everyone

Intel Core i7-7700K

After the break that marked the launch of the Broadwell-E with its model 10 cores and 1800 dollars, Intel has used the CES in Las Vegas to continue the landing on the market of its seventh – generation processor, 14 nm and the Expected models at the top.

We talk about the Core i7 for the most powerful desktop computers for gamers and overclocking enthusiasts. We have already tested for a few days the king of this generation: the Intel Core i7-7700K. Enough to consider a change from a very recent 6700K?

Kaby Lake’s turn to desktop PC

Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake and now it Kaby Lake . Since last summer we met the chips that would make up the seventh generation of Intel processors and today we have done the same with the most anticipated models of this generation: the Core i7 and i5 for more powerful computers.

The generation Kaby Lake is based on technology of 14 nm, with micro architecture very similar to that we know from Skylake although improved, so we can consider it as a second tock, before the next tick will be Cannonlake and now points to the Second half of 2017.

These new processors waiting for the eighth generation and the long – awaited step to 10 nm are therefore an optimization of current Skylake. Why throw it then?

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Dell XPS 13 has become a 2-in-1 convertible

Dell XPS 13

I anticipate it yesterday and have spent a few hours to be made official; this is the new XPS 13 convertible. The laptop was already the most striking option – also interesting – in the complete catalog of Dell and now becomes more versatile thanks to its new configuration.

With an early presentation at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, at first glance we discover that has sat well become a 2-in-1, as virtually retains all the ingredients that have made him a powerful laptop, adding The possibility of being used as a tablet.

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