When that old floppy drive dusty, again be useful has come FloppyFlash


For those who do not remember, some years ago all computers have floppy drives which we used to store, transport and share information with others, with the passage of time it became obsolete because our storage needs increased, so who arrived new smaller, faster and with greater capacity formats.

However, there are still people who have computers with these units, where many of them are no longer used and are just taking up space that could be used for another activity. If this is the almost anyone who is reading this, there is good news, because a company has designed a device that can replace the floppy drive and give it a new utility as Compact Flash card reader.

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Our drawings and designs come to life with this pen that prints 3D

3Doodler Pro

The 3D printers continue to grow and expand its scope in various disciplines, however one of the main obstacles is the price, which makes its scope is still limited for some people especially freelancers.

Therefore, a proposal like 3Doodler, consisting of a pen that prints 3D freehand is very interesting for its price and scope, a proposal that is being upgraded to offer a more professional option through the incorporation of new drawing materials in the air. We know the details of the new 3Doodler Pro.

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Acer Predator 21 X, a monster gaming laptop with curved screen 21 inches

Acer Predator 21 X

We spent a Gamescom 2016 discovering real monsters in portable : giant screens, bold designs and many Nvidia card art. There we did not see Acer, whose family Predator always has something to say, the reason is that it has saved the most powerful for this IFA 2016

Called Acer Predator 21 X and is a beast you look where you look, but clearly strong or differentiation is on the screen: it is the first notebook that decides to have an integrated chassis curved screen, following the prevailing fashion in monitors and televisions. If the curve is a good idea or not, we have already spoken on other occasions, but seeing it in a “portable” device is not something that we had happened.

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Alcatel Idol 4s, this is the commitment of Alcatel to enter the media super gamma

Alcatel idol 4s

Although sometimes the limits are somewhat fuzzy, in the world of smartphones we understand traditional way with ranges and in fact since about a year ago talking about the mid – range premium, with a number of terminals that features are not located in high but they have some plus the difference. It is where it fits one of the latest handsets of Alcatel, the Idol 4s, which does not come alone.

The terminal was presented in February at the last MWC with his little brother, the Idol 4 as the flagship of the manufacturer. But come accompanied not come by this shared launch, but by the fact that taking advantage of the boom was born and still live in virtual reality by making a VR set.

Thus, Alcatel bet for a target more demanding is this terminal is not in the league of the most powerful, but it offers superior characteristics to Idol 4 and the other terminals of the brand. Including a design that includes metal, as is characteristic of those located in the “super midrange” and with special attention to the sound system mounted four speakers.

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Much of the knowledge of NASA is now available to all for free


In recent years we have seen how NASA has changed many of its policies to adapt to changing times, this has served to, for example, all images belonging to the agency in the public domain and anyone can use them at all situations, which is now extended to an important part of their research.

NASA is releasing the vast majority of their research publicly funded will be available on a new website, which can be accessed free of charge from anywhere in the world and thus navigate the information contained in projects ranging from the mission of finding life on the moons of Saturn, pending the physiological effects of astronauts who have lived on the International Space Station.

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ASUS finds the balance between power and size in the Republic of Gamers GL502


GamesCom 2016 with lots of computers laptops monstrous, in which the size was right and what mattered was to make room for the new graphics Nvidia, now we are going to present one of the most balanced teams, the ASUS hand and Republic of Garmers.

This is the Strix GL502VS, and GL502VM variant, some laptops have no problem to calm the demands of the players, but also takes care of the design and dimensions to make a pretty decent set, much along the lines of what makes Razer. Before going into more detail say that we have a team of 15 inches.

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For Intel the death of 3.5mm makes sense with the arrival of USB-C


It seems a fact that the famous 3.5 – millimeter jack for headphones is used disappears and this 2016 is the beginning of the end. Commercial proposals as the Moto Z, which is not the first to do so, as well as an approach in HTC 10, and rumors that tell us that the next iPhone will no headphone jack; today all adds Intel, who says that the future is in the USB-C adds.

During a session in its developer conference, Intel showed future capabilities that will be implemented in USB 3.0 and 3.1 interface, used in the USB type C, as a new type of video standard as well as the possibility of transmitting digital audio.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 10 for laptops: The same power for games and virtual reality

Nvidia GeForce GTX 10

We knew there was not much for this and already here the new graphics Nvidia, contrived to get into tight spaces and portable will see in many places. Although I have ahead some things these last days, we now have all the important details about the so-called Geforce GTX 10.

In principle, there are three models with little to envy to the powerful desktop proposal. Yes, there is the important nuance in which Nvidia emphasizes: here there is no special designation for graphics notebook, or an “M” or a “Mobile” in the name. Santa Clara firm wants the call in the same way as they are practically the same thing.

These GeForce respond to the same name, and have the same specifications: GTX 1080, 1070 GTX and 1060 GTX. It is something I have spent many years trying to do and the current technology allows them to take the plunge. We can mainly blame Pascal and manufacturing technology, which is also capable of generating power 70% higher than the graphics Maxwell devised for laptop world.

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