Eight reasons why we miss IRC 30 years after its launch


At the end of this month marks thirty years of the birth of the IRC, one of the first chat systems with which many of us took their first steps on the Internet. It is an extremely simple communication protocol, based only on text, and without many of the options we see today in more advanced applications.

But despite its limitations, it had a special charm that most of today’s applications lack, which is why those of us who live through its golden age keep remembering what it was like. Therefore, here are five reasons why many of us miss the IRC.

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Amazon Echo Input: Alexa at minimum terms

Amazon Echo Input

Echo Input is a very small device that allows you to turn any speaker into a smart speaker with Alexa.

Amazon has only launched Alexa and the Echo smart speaker line for three months, and the family is already expanding with the arrival of a new component: Amazon Echo Input comes out practically simultaneously with international markets, including the United States, to allow everyone to have a smart speaker at home without having to give up a speaker or stereo system already in the house.

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Chrome for mobile: 21 tricks to get the most out of browsing on your smartphone

Today we bring you a collection with 21 tricks for the mobile version of Chrome. On the desktop we have more or less managed to learn the tricks of Chrome based on using it for years. But some of us tend to explore their mobile version a lot less, limiting ourselves to the basics, so it’s never a bad thing to have some trick to know how to squeeze it a bit more.

As we usually do in this kind of articles, we will try to cover several types of profiles with these tricks, which will go from some relatively basic functions to other experimental configurations. The text is mainly focused on the Android version because it is the dominant mobile operating system, so it is also possible that one of these tricks is not as well adapted for iOS.

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Six mistakes to avoid on your web page

web page

For a company, the website is an important showcase. Many visitors may know it for the first time by visiting the website, so the way the company presents itself will be stored as the first impression your audience has of it. The style of the page and its ease of navigation say much more than what it is supposed to.

In the end, our experience on your page will leave us with a feeling of trust or distrust in that company.

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Micro earphone: The perfect gadget to make your private conversations “invisible”

Micro earphone

The micro earbuds represent the best technology has developed in recent years regarding anonymous wireless communication. So that those around us cannot understand that you are in audio contact with someone, even if you work in very quiet environments.

In some ways these tiny headsets represent the technological solution, to everyone’s reach, of a type of gadget that until recently was used, in the collective imagination, as protagonists of the scenes of the most famous espionage films.

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Three best in-ear headphones you can buy today


Are you interested in buying a new pair of in-ear headphones or earphones, but you don’t know how to consciously orient your choice? You are on the right page!

When you talk about the best earphones to listen to music, the first thing you’ll probably think of is one of those big devices that completely cover your ears. But now the market offers many types of headphones and earphones.

Many people use the earphones supplied with their smartphone as they are acceptable for everyday use of a few minutes, and they are not wrong.

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