The “4 Ps” Of Online Marketing

4 Ps Of Online Marketing

When Neil H. Borden coined the term Marketing Mix and Professor E. Jerome McCarthy spoke for the first time about the “4 Ps”, certainly did not take into consideration the promotion channels on the Internet.

After all, this happened in the middle of the 20th century, and Google, Facebook, Twitter and company did not exist. Yet, this concept of long-lasting and universal marketing can in a certain sense also apply to online marketing.

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5 Essential Programs For PC Maintenance

PC Maintenance

Almost never think about computer maintenance until the PC stops working as expected and begins to have problems. When errors begin to appear and, above all, inevitable system slowdowns and program loading, it may already be too late to think about maintenance and you have to move on to the next phase, the most complicated one of correction and repair.

It is therefore important to know how to treat the computer, which is a bit like our car, if it is well maintained, lasts longer and guarantees better performance.

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Do you need to create the company website? Read these 10 statistics!

create the company website

Are you going to put online your company’s website or its e-commerce or a corporate blog? Stop for a moment! Did you take care of all the details that matter? Or did you take yourself in a hurry and an approximation? I tell you this because your business results depend precisely on the care with which you have created your web project.

For example, do you know that creating an institutional site or a corporate blog that respects the main rules of web usability can help you maximize lead generation? In other words: you cannot neglect the design and architecture of your site, if you want to sell online. Therefore it is not enough to know how to write to sell – even if it is an equally essential prerogative. It is essential to design a usable site, that is, that offers a satisfactory browsing experience to visitors.

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