Six red flags on a surveyor’s report

Buying a property is a huge investment and so before parting with any money, you need to check its structural condition to preempt costly repair work further down the line. A home buyers report or survey is recommended before you buy a property. What is a home buyers survey? You can choose to have a … Read more

Chrome for mobile: 21 tricks to get the most out of browsing on your smartphone

Today we bring you a collection with 21 tricks for the mobile version of Chrome. On the desktop we have more or less managed to learn the tricks of Chrome based on using it for years. But some of us tend to explore their mobile version a lot less, limiting ourselves to the basics, so it’s never a bad thing to have some trick to know how to squeeze it a bit more.

As we usually do in this kind of articles, we will try to cover several types of profiles with these tricks, which will go from some relatively basic functions to other experimental configurations. The text is mainly focused on the Android version because it is the dominant mobile operating system, so it is also possible that one of these tricks is not as well adapted for iOS.

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8 Google Maps Tips You Must Try!

Google Maps

Google Maps is perhaps the most widely used application in the world for finding your way around the world. Besides the basic functions we are all used to, there are some really interesting tricks. I have selected for you those that I considered most interesting, eight to be precise!

It seems hard to believe, but the Google Maps service was launched only ten years ago and has already become an indispensable tool for the lives of each of us both within our private and professional lives. In fact, since Google Maps is online we have inevitably changed the way we interact with road maps and more.

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Vivaldi for Android, the browser that comes to the mobile to compete with Chrome, Firefox and company

Vivaldi for Android

Version 2.7 of Vivaldi is the one that can currently be downloaded for desktop systems, and at this time, the browser lands on Android. An operating system that continues to accumulate large landings such as a well-known browser despite the specific weight of giants such as Edge, Chrome or Safari.

Vivaldi arrives on Android respecting the maxims that have taken him to his position so far. Maxims such as personalization of the browsing experience for each user, or the emphasis on privacy for those who decide to use their platform. Now, Vivaldi is mobile and we have been able to try it firsthand.

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5 common computer problems and solutions

ommon computer problems

“My computer does not turn on.”

“My PC is going very slow.”

“The keyboard does not work”

Do you sound these phrases? Surely, at some time in the life of your computer you have suffered one of these situations. But … how to know what fails on my PC? If you want to know, what are the common problems of a computer and its possible solutions (now or in the near future) read on.

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Choosing a browser in 2019: The time of the battle for privacy!

It seems that in the coming years we are waiting for a new stage of browser wars – the battle for user privacy. Now users are more and more thinking about the protection of their personal data and security while surfing the net. In the latest version of Firefox, the Enhanced Tracking Protection option is enabled by default, and Apple continues to embed privacy-oriented features in its Safari browser.

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How To Speed Up Google Chrome Browser

Speed Up Google Chrome

If you, like many other people in the world, use your PC especially to surf the Internet then it is very likely that your browser is your favorite application. And most likely, your browser is Google Chrome, which is the most used browser in the world. Sometimes, however, browsers do not offer a satisfying user experience as you would like and, in particular, seem to be slower than usual. This is true both for Chrome and for any other program you use to browse: sooner or later the browser slows down and it always takes longer to download the pages and view them.

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Is Google Chrome slow? 5 practical tips to speed up the browser

Google Chrome

Chrome is a great web browser, but it can slow down your PC or laptop. Here are some tips to make it snappy.

Looking for quick and easy solutions to speed up Google Chrome? You are on the right page! Chrome has been around for a long time and is by far the most popular web browser and downloaded from the Net. The reason is quick: compatible with any operating system and, if you access your Google account, you can take advantage of many and useful services just a click away.

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How To Use VPN Services In Browsers

VPN Services

The use of virtual private networks (the Virtual the Network of Private, the VPN) to navigate through the internet is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. VPN technology helps protect personal information, allows you to bypass the restrictions applied in some countries, opening access to blocked sites, and protects against viruses and malware. Today, several operators offer VPN services, most of the services are paid, and many of the operators accept cryptocurrency as payment. Free services can often be used for a short period of time (demo version).

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