This is the complex technology that allows us to listen in the deep sea


Analyze the sounds that occur in the ocean is not a simple task. This activity has even been compared to space exploration; the difference is that in space there are several companies and agencies investigating, while the ocean is still pending and subject to some unknown point. Listening underwater work currently focuses on three disciplines: marine biology, geology and geophysics, and military activity.

For this type of underwater research succeed calls are used hydrophones, also known as underwater microphones, which are devices designed to capture and locate sources of sound in water, where its complexity and its wide range of possibilities make their use key for various tasks. Today we will know a little more about them and some of its major holdings.

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If Lenovo puts on a 48TB SSD, Toshiba sees and doubles with 100TB

Toshiba SSD 100TB

It is seen that memory manufacturers are developing a lot of work in the laboratory that were eager to teach, and has been open ban people from Seagate with its model SSD with 60TB, and start to bloom projects with capabilities such incredible memory as possible prices.

The reality is that many of these projects have their departure start sometime next year, they are not going to sell tomorrow, and well, which will buy can prepare a few thousand dollars, as are solutions devised initially for data centers and servers take advantage of its benefits – Facebook is one of those customers -. The last case that we bring today is the Toshiba unit 100TB.

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Do you want to know more about Xiaomi laptop?

Xiaomi laptop

We stick months waiting for this became official and almost by surprise, we found the laptop Xiaomi, the first Chinese brand. Good design and specifications for a device with Windows 10 in which grace would be in the price, as is usual in the product catalog of Beijingers.

Apart from the keyboard, does not seem to bring one of these clunkers is as complicated as a mobile phone, so there are many people interested in learning more about them. I speak in plural because they are two, a 13.3-inch model, and a smaller one with 12.5 inches, both with their differences.

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Your monitor can also hack to spy or make you see things that are not

hack to spy

We have spent some time discussing about the safety of peripherals such as webcams, and a few weeks ago also commented that had vulnerabilities that made it possible attacks through radio wireless keyboards. But there are other components of our PC, such as monitors, nor usually considered dangerous or a door through which attacked.

But a group of researchers has discovered a method that can hack our remote monitor. This not only could play the pixels is showing, can spy without agreeing to our PC, but could also manipulate these pixels to display different images on our monitors.

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The artificial brain is getting closer: IBM created the first artificial neurons phase change

The artificial brain

Although we have long been talking about computers as artificial brains, actually it has always been a metaphor. Although less and less. IBM has managed to implement a system of 500 artificial neurons with phase change technology they want to simulate the performance of organic brains. In a way that never before had gotten.

For years, scientists have tried to imitate the versatile computing capabilities of neurons. Today, it seems that is the only way to take a step beyond artificial intelligence projects that are underway and that promise to change the world.

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Biometric security in Note 7, what does the iris scanner regarding the fingerprint reader?

Note 7

In recent years, our digital universe has migrated to mobile and our smartphones have become a sort of personal diary, a place to store all types of files and data, from the photos we did in our last outing with friends to our bank details, hence security has as much importance.

With the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 we can say that the biometric security has been established as the most reliable method to protect the content of our terminals. It was first fingerprint sensors and now Samsung goes one-step further by integrating iris scanner in its new flagship, but what gives us this new security method with respect to the fingerprint reader? Is it better or worse than the footprint? We answer these and other questions below.

What is biometrics?

Not long ago the word sounded Biometrics us Chinese, but with the advent of fingerprint sensors to our phones has become a much more common term, but it does not hurt to remember that what biometric security is.

We can use to identify a card or type a password, but in both cases there is a risk that lose or forget our data and also that we be stolen, which is avoided with the use of biometric systems.

When we talk about biometry we are talking about the physical characteristics that define us and that they are unique to each individual. Biometrics are our fingerprints, our face, our way of walking, our voice or, of course, our iris.

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How much does Windows 10 and how I can get it for free now that Microsoft no longer gives?

Windows 10

Okay, that ‘s it. It’s over. Microsoft already has stopped offering free licenses of Windows 10. With everything we have been insisting the Redmond, the controversies that have had to upgrade some computers without permission, and with everything we have also insisted us, there are few excuses for not having your copy.

But it may be the case that you did not have original licenses of Windows 7 or 8to take advantage of the offer. What now then? Well, you have to go through box, now we can tell you the price, although there is also a last resort to it for free in return for cooperating in their development.

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Nokia phones that Microsoft did not let leave the laboratory

Nokia phones

There has been a fairly complicated births Nokia period in the last two years, we are aware that there is more than one abortion on the road, but it is striking to see them grouped. All this began to happen when Microsoft took over the company.

He had obviously prioritize systems house and kill projects that were in development , but the reality is that there was more than one that was ready to go to market, or fairly advanced in their ways. Among them also there are interesting hardware with Windows Phone, so decisions were made taking into account more factors, we will know the most striking cases.

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iPhone revenues fall 23%, the worst quarter in the history of Apple device


2016 being a difficult year for Apple, the slowdown in your business is sticking significantly, which is maximized when more than half of their profits depend on a single product, the iPhone, which for this new quarter has fallen again Apple dragging the second consecutive quarter in its history.

Apple is presenting the financial results for the third fiscal quarter ended in late June, which show revenues of 42.358 million dollars, a fall of 15% over the same period last year, all derived from a considerable drop in sales in virtually all its products.

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