Qwerkywriter S: The stylish mechanical keyboard that wanted to be a typewriter

Qwerkywriter S

Qwerkywriter S mixes the experience of a mechanical keyboard and retro aesthetic of a typewriter to offer an elegant product, with interesting features and to which finding target audience can be as simple as it is complicated. The latter due to the price. We have been able to prove it, so we tell you how it is.

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Kingston breaks the record of overclock and speed with its RAM


It seems that CES 2019 is starting to bear fruit immediately, as the world record memory frequency has just fallen into the hands of the Toppc overclocker, beating the group of ADATA XPG overclockers by a considerable margin, counting the limits they have. The current modules. One step has been placed in the first place of 3 different categories thanks to the new Kingston HyperX modules.

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What Happened To Project Ara (Phone Blocks)?

Project Ara

It has been five years since the Dutchman Dave Hakkens came up with the idea for a modular smartphone called phone blocks. Google was very enthusiastic about this idea and started working on it under the name project Ara. At the end of 2016, Google canceled a large number of projects including Project Ara because they want to focus more on hardware. In this article we explain what a modular smartphone means and how it goes with its development.

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How to unlock Android if you forgot your code: 5 effective solutions

unlock Android

We recommend that you always use a PIN, password or face scan as a security measure to protect your phone or Android tablet from unauthorized access, regardless of which model you are using. But what can you do when you forget your access code?

Cannot access your phone anymore? Forgot your Android code? Do not panic! Because 90% have searched for “Forgotten Android Code” on Google, you cannot remember your unlock sign, PIN or password and you cannot get into your phone.

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