Are we ready to talk to machines?

Talk to machines

Voice attendees want to escape the cell. The first to show what they can offer these solutions has been Amazon with its Echo, a product that has recently seen two new additions and has become an extremely versatile solution for users who go beyond the basic wizard and begin to take advantage for tasks of all kinds.

That seems to have ignited the spark of a segment that continues to focus on the mobile but it also seems to want to start offering their chances on other devices. Manufacturers want to make the voice problem. They want to talk to machines.

Humanizing machines

Why so many digital assistants have female names? It is a question with an answer that has led to recent debates about sexism but also has an obvious explanation. Professor of Communication at Stanford Clifford Nass explained already in 2011 on CNN,” it is a well established phenomenon that the human brain is developed to like female voices.”

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Windows 10 already supports G-Sync and FreeSync: Why is this important for gamers?

G-Sync and FreeSync

For months now that Microsoft have been working on supporting more and more technologies to squeeze the maximum field of video games in which they want to become absolute protagonists.

A new build of Windows 10 comes loaded with new features in this regard: the games of the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) may already have support for technologies FreeSync AMD and NVIDIA G-Sync; plus another striking option among gamers: unlocking the frame rates of those titles.

The first games to take advantage of these features will be ‘Gears of War: Ultimate Edition’ and ‘Forza Motorsport 6: Apex’, and Microsoft expect other developers to provide such capability in securities that are part of the universal platform.

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The creator of Siri presents the amazing capabilities of your new personal assistant Viv


Virtual assistants have spent several years between us, but let’s face it, few people actively use, either because they do not provide what we need, or just do not understand what we say, so it is still easier to do it through a search engine or manually in our smartphone.

When Siri appeared in 2011 as part of the iPhone 4s, demonstrating their capabilities left everyone with their mouths open because first you were talking naturally to a machine, an expected evolution to voice commands present in several mobile for several years. But it seems that is about to change again because today we have the first live demonstration of Viv, the new personal assistant of the creators of Siri.

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7 ways to recover the key to your WiFi if you forgot it


Our memory is not infallible, and may on occasion you have found with the need to remember the password for a WiFi network to which you connect to another computer soles. It’s not the end of the world if you have not signed up passwords, since computers store all passwords that you use.

You just have to know where and how to look, and so today we’ll have seven ways with which to retrieve the keys of WiFi networks that you soles connect to your computer with Windows, Mac OS X and GNU / Linux. We also say some basic trick and even an application to expedite the process.

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Does using our skin as a touch pad to control a smartwatch?


Despite carrying a few years between us, the popularity of smartwatches has not had the overwhelming response that many expected, this mostly by the limitations that still presents, as is a device that depends on our smartphone, a screen additional we avoid having to be pulling out the phone with each notification, although there are some attempts to make it more independent.

Another point that has not helped in the rapid adoption is the theme of the screen and limiting to interact with applications within such a small space, something that developers have met and few have been able to solve. But now we face an interesting project that seeks to solve this, making our skin serves as a touch pad to extend the capabilities of our smartwatch.

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Backdoor, security and privacy, there is the right balance? Experts say

Backdoor, security and privacy

Security against privacy, is it possible to enjoy both at once? And if not, as they seem to demonstrate the measures that we applied again and again in our society, what is more important for citizens? This is the question again and again opens delicate debates for years.

In one of the last chapters of this debate we have seen how the FBI case against Apple has been the trigger for another derivative question: Are the really necessary rear doors? Should security forces have indiscriminate access to these devices when needed, as claimed by the FBI? It is what we have tried to elucidate with several experts in the field of computer security.

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Is it safe Bitcoin? Its technology bare


Internet has changed many things, and one of them is our way of seeing the money. It has gone from being something physical to be an intangible asset, a number on a page. We know it’s there because we trust the authority of banks, we believe in its value because we know that entities manage it as if it were physical and tangible money, but we cannot get it out of the air.

However, with Bitcoin, P2P currency booming, the matter is different. No entities in which trust. There is no bank that assures us “this money is true”. Instead, the validity of Bitcoin lies in its technology, in all techniques that ensure that functions as if it were a real currency. Let’s explain what that technology. It is a complex issue considerably, so first draw a simplified diagram of how it works and then we will be entering into the details, which are actually the most important and ensuring the validity of Bitcoin.

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The tragedy of LG, be brave and original does not serve apparently nothing


These days have been published the financial results for the first quarter of the year for various companies that are strongly committed to the field of mobility. Apple has stuck a good smack – the first in 13 long years while Samsung news is much better. Something similar happens with Sony – the Nipponese do not raise head – and also with Lenovo and Xiaomi, they lose relevance for Oppo and Vivo.

The sector of smartphones has no pity: many try to conquer, but few succeed. This is a small tribute to a company that has spent years trying to make things right, but above all about doing things differently. LG is the company again and again differs from the rest, but that does not seem to be enough, and that, dear readers, is a tragedy.

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Beyond Google: SEO Is Diversifying – Are You?

In mid February this year, Google rolled out their new programme of using blocks of four paid ads at the top of many of their results pages, instead of the previously standard one to three. Obviously, this has some implications for the future of SEO: no matter how well optimised your site is, it’s still only going to appear fourth, possibly underneath the page cut. So how can SEO adapt to this new system?

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