Moto G6, the mobile that started it all returns more premium than ever, also in the price

Moto G6

One more year, the legendary Moto G saga is back, and this time comes stomping. The competition tightens more than ever and Motorola has no choice but to raise the bar to make clear that the Moto G was not only the mobile that started it all, but it came to stay.

After a Moto G5 that left us very good taste, Motorola brings us a Moto G6 more premium than ever. This year we have a striking glass design, 18:9 screen, double camera with the popular portrait mode and face recognition. Very current and interesting news for a mid-range, but which are accompanied by an increase in the price. We analyze all these developments and more below …

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HTC U11 Plus: It would not have out of tune in camera and performance

HTC U11 Plus

HTC, with much less noise than other brands that have devices in the premium premium range, updated a few months ago its franchise with the new HTC U11 Plus, a version very similar to last year’s model but adding more battery and a design still with Fewer frames to reinforce the highlight of the phone: the camera. We have already been able to test it thoroughly to tell you about its possibilities, strengths and weaknesses.

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How are submarine cables that carry Internet from one continent to another

submarine cables

The more than 1000 million meters of submarine cable that several companies have been installing since 1866 are responsible for every day you have an Internet connection, even if it is wireless. That makes them extremely important cables, so it is essential that they can protect the optical fiber inside them.

Once we show you the complete map in which to see all the cables that are installed and currently in the process of installation, and today we are going to stop to see a little more carefully what is inside these cables. They consist of up to eight layers, from the optical fiber of the interior to a whole series of coatings to treat that is not damaged.

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LumiWatch, the smartwatch with a projector that would transform our arm into a touch screen

It is a somewhat futuristic idea, but over the years we have known projects and ideas that seek to provide smartwatch with functions that go beyond a simple clock with a screen. Just remember that Cicret Bracelet, which was more in good intentions. And now, under almost the same idea we get the LumiWatch, which to everyone’s surprise, is a project of Carnegie Mellon University, which means that at least one prestigious institution is behind.

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