Opera includes a free VPN in your browser

Opera VPN

The segment browsers is somewhat less moved a few years ago, but there is still moving forward with interesting concepts and one of the last to give a twist to these applications has been Opera. The developer version of the browser Opera integrates a free unlimited VPN, which is a useful solution for lovers and privacy advocates … and blocked by region, course content.

Many services are trying to offer a VPN to access those same advantages, but here we must tread eye. In the past we talked about the problems that can generate free use VPNs so have to watch closely Opera. For now the truth is that this capability works swimmingly: these are our impressions.

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What is Magic Leap? We have new tracks of the mysterious project of mixed reality

Magic Leap

In October 2015 was a year of the emergence of the name Magic Leap, an unknown startup hoarded holders to receive the support of large technology companies, of which stand Qualcomm, the production company Legendary Entertainment and Google, the latter being the current owner of the project. All this would sound somewhat normal, if not because Magic Leap has been limited to show a few videos of their possibilities with augmented reality, but has never been given to know a single device.

Magic Leap has raised more than 1,400 million dollars, and from the beginning was challenged on the grounds that everything shown could be part of an assembly, because everything looked spectacular, something never seen before. But then he came Microsoft with its HoloLens and perception changed, which presented Magic Leap was possible, however Microsoft device was real, while there was still nothing clear about the mysterious startup, until today.

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What advice would you give to someone starting out programming after more than 5 years doing?


The world of programming is based on continuous learning. Engage in software development requires always be aware of the new, of what is to come. Conformism and stop learning every day Aboca programmers to work exile. Sooner or later it comes. Any newcomer to the world of programming should be aware of it.

That said, we have all wondered, to a lesser or greater extent, if we retrain as programmers. Or more dramatically, if we get out of our comfort zone apparent, i.e. learn something radically new or even try another job prospects.

Always keep in mind the question is it time to retrain?

Ask this question from time to time is essential. Sometimes we do not realize that excessive workload prevents us from assessing the quality or type of work we do. We do not see how they have emerged other technologies or paradigms of work. Although our professional staff say that we are Senior we have not evolved as such.

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InFocus has a new mini computer Kangaroo: Doubles in size, also possibilities


The Kangaroo was one of our elected officials in the selection of mini-computers we did not long ago, it is a Windows product tiny with good specifications, the other side of the pond is working very well, and little by little we know better in these parts. Infocus, the company that creates, has a new model called Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro.

The Pro model is again a computer Windows 10 than in the North American country sells for $ 199. It is much more capable than the original Kangaroo, dating from October 2015, but is also a bit less portable. The reason is an addition called Dock Pro, which opens up the doors to greater connectivity, plus leave room for a 2.5 inch hard drive.

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Your laptop should reject USB-C accessories which are not suitable, the USB-IF proposes a new specification

USB-C accessories

The adoption of the standard USB Type-C is in full swing, it is becoming easier to find devices, also in accessories. There are many advantages in this new type of connectors, since they are reversible, so they can carry more energy devices, going through a higher data transfer rates, which make them suitable even for work with video streams.

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Web design: Here are the trends of 2016

Web design

Every so often you have to change style and feel younger. Just a haircut or a wardrobe change and here it feels better already.

The same happens with the e-commerce: to do so please users eliminate some poor from the template and change the shapes of the layout. Because? The reasons are many: make it more attractive and inviting, credible and competitive, but also fast and interesting eyes of Google.

If you want to open a new e-commerce or do a makeover in yours, who still has flash animations, you’re in the right place here is the 2016 trends in terms of web design!

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How to make the most of Google+ for your business


When a company faces in the sea magnum of social networks may think it is necessary to be present in most social platforms, but especially in the early stage may prove useful to focus their energies on one channel. Google Plus is a viable intermediate solution among the most famous Facebook and Twitterfor those companies wishing to start a social campaign. This is the social platform of the largest and most popular search engine in the world and boasts more than 300 million active users.

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Social media analysis: How to monitor your social strategy?

Social media analysis

Today, social networks are key channels for the growth of a business, but their potential is often neglected by entrepreneurs who decide to entrust the management to grandchildren or children who “are always attached to the phone and know how to use these things.”

But the strategy on social networks is not just funny picture or copy-paste link: serves to plan, monitor and make ad hoc campaigns. At stake is the credibility and reputation of the company, which is the image that the brand is able to play the popular imagination. So improvisation is banned, even when you share a post of real-time marketing.

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