Amazon Echo Input: Alexa at minimum terms

Amazon Echo Input

Echo Input is a very small device that allows you to turn any speaker into a smart speaker with Alexa.

Amazon has only launched Alexa and the Echo smart speaker line for three months, and the family is already expanding with the arrival of a new component: Amazon Echo Input comes out practically simultaneously with international markets, including the United States, to allow everyone to have a smart speaker at home without having to give up a speaker or stereo system already in the house.

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Micro earphone: The perfect gadget to make your private conversations “invisible”

Micro earphone

The micro earbuds represent the best technology has developed in recent years regarding anonymous wireless communication. So that those around us cannot understand that you are in audio contact with someone, even if you work in very quiet environments.

In some ways these tiny headsets represent the technological solution, to everyone’s reach, of a type of gadget that until recently was used, in the collective imagination, as protagonists of the scenes of the most famous espionage films.

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Three best in-ear headphones you can buy today


Are you interested in buying a new pair of in-ear headphones or earphones, but you don’t know how to consciously orient your choice? You are on the right page!

When you talk about the best earphones to listen to music, the first thing you’ll probably think of is one of those big devices that completely cover your ears. But now the market offers many types of headphones and earphones.

Many people use the earphones supplied with their smartphone as they are acceptable for everyday use of a few minutes, and they are not wrong.

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Bose SoundLink Color II: The ideal speaker for all parties

Bose SoundLink Color II

If you are one of those who like to enjoy good music at any party or meeting with friends, you will need a good speaker to leave everyone impressed. We all like to enjoy quality sound anywhere. Music is the queen of all parties and to be able to listen to it, as it should we need a good speaker. Before to impress our friends with our DJ skills, a good pen drive full of classics was enough. Today we can improve that with a quality speaker. If you are interested in the world of sound, read the review we have prepared of Bose SoundLink Color II, a quality speaker with Bluetooth connectivity.

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The 8 USB 3.0 Sticks with the best features for 2019!

USB 3.0 Sticks

The growth of the cloud and online storage, pendrive and any other physical data storage device is becoming less essential than before. But if e-mail and Dropbox are perfect solutions for sharing only a few documents at a time, USB 3.0 Sticks are a faster and more secure method for sharing large files.

With USB 3.0 technology, faster USB storage units can even compete with external hard drives (hard disk drives) that perform better. With the advantage of being much more portable.

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The gaming room according to CORSAIR


Over the last few years, the PC gaming market has been enriched by numerous proposals from various brands in the sector inspired by the world of consoles, so compact solutions, but high performance, extremely suitable for moving “the playing area” from the classic desk to the living room sofa.

Therefore, the first set-up of gaming peripherals designed specifically for “living room gaming” has arrived, designed to meet the needs of those users who like to relax, especially the weekend or the evening after an intense working day, directly in front of the own TV.

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Qwerkywriter S: The stylish mechanical keyboard that wanted to be a typewriter

Qwerkywriter S

Qwerkywriter S mixes the experience of a mechanical keyboard and retro aesthetic of a typewriter to offer an elegant product, with interesting features and to which finding target audience can be as simple as it is complicated. The latter due to the price. We have been able to prove it, so we tell you how it is.

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TicPods Free: The Android version of the AirPods

TicPods Free

Mobvoi has launched its wireless headphones with a crowdfunding campaign that has obtained more than 2.8 million dollars. The TicPods Free are available in the Mobvoi online store and on Amazon at a price of 135.79 dollars from October 24, 2018.

The available colors are white, blue and red, everything depends on how much you want to draw attention. For our analysis we have chosen the red model, which tends slightly too orange.

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D-Link COVR-P2502: Two WiFi access points Mesh PLC that aim to settle our connectivity problems at home

D-Link COVR-P2502

The deployment at a good pace of fiber optic connections is very good news. And it will be even better when this technology is available to anyone who wants to use it, even for those who live in small rural areas. And is that optical fiber guarantees us a very high Internet connection speed (at least 30 Mbps in the cheapest modes), as well as a symmetrical link that allows us to enjoy the same speed of upload that down.

However, there is a challenge in which the fiber optic can not intervene : the management of traffic and the connections that are established within our homes. Every time we have more devices equipped with a wireless interface (laptops, smartphones, tablets, televisions, video game consoles, etc.) that compete with each other to monopolize the bandwidth of our Internet connection. In addition, there is another problem that to a greater or lesser extent affects all of us who have a WiFi network at home: the quality of the signal and the coverage are not even homogeneous.

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LumiWatch, the smartwatch with a projector that would transform our arm into a touch screen

It is a somewhat futuristic idea, but over the years we have known projects and ideas that seek to provide smartwatch with functions that go beyond a simple clock with a screen. Just remember that Cicret Bracelet, which was more in good intentions. And now, under almost the same idea we get the LumiWatch, which to everyone’s surprise, is a project of Carnegie Mellon University, which means that at least one prestigious institution is behind.

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