Ryzen 5: Six cores and 12 threads for less than $250

Ryzen 5

Following the trend started with its Ryzen 7, AMD has unveiled the details of its next family of processors for the consumer market. This time the market niche is more ambitious, according to AMD, there is twice as much demand for processors priced below $300 than on the high end.

The Ryzen 5 will hit the market to compete directly with the Intel Core i5 for price, and even with several Core i7 models in performance, putting the focus on high performance for the price you pay for them. Both players and creatives who do not require high performance are among their potential customers.

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The latest from NVidia fits into a credit card: A brain for artificial intelligence in robots and drones


A NVidia known mainly for its graphics, or more recently for being stuck inside Switch, but the reality is that it has failed to become strong in mobile devices. It tried with smartphones, but it seems to have grown tired of that, and he wants to put the brains to the next revolution of gadgets: robots, drones, smart cameras or sensors. Closely related to the ‘Internet of Things’.

Very small devices that require three things: tiny hardware, a process capability capable of dealing with artificial intelligence algorithms, and most importantly, reduced consumption. The answer to these problems has NVidia with its new plate Jetson TX2.

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These are the first Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti from ASUS


What you see in images is the aspect of the first GTX 1080 Ti that will go on the market next March 10, by ASUS. The company will attack with two very different models in appearance: the Turbo model is the least striking, while ROG STRIX imposes more with a triple fan configuration.

We are faced with custom or customized models on what Nvidia initially introduced. The changes are mainly in the cooling systems introduced, which allows you to play with better overclocking in the latest Pascal GPU introduced in the market.

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Bill Gates: “If a robot replaces the work of a human, this robot must pay taxes like a human.”

Bill Gates

The next big revolution will be the arrival of robots to jobs, something that has already begun to happen in various regions of the world, in some companies and even in restaurants, where machines are taking control of production chains and automation Of tasks. This will mean a major change, and for example, they are already thinking about how to regulate it.

Among the voices that have given their opinion about the upcoming revolution, it is the Elon Musk who says that we should merge with the machines but want to be irrelevant. And now that of Bill Gates, who asks that robots have the same fiscal responsibilities as humans.

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