Essential Home and The Attempt To Rescue Privacy

Essential Home Privacy

The presentation yesterday of Essential Phone, the new project of Andy Rubin, made clear many of the ambitions of a company in which there is a promising message that, yes, will have to be endorsed by its products and its services.

The Essential Phone is based on the search for a less closed experience, which wants to prevent you from changing your mobile phone and totally lacking bloatware, but there is a more budding product with another very different bet. It is Essential Home , a competitor of Amazon Echo or Google Home that has as differential factor the search and rescue of our almost disappeared privacy.

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ASUS Zenbook Flip S: An ultra-thin convertible that bets on power

ASUS Zenbook Flip S

ASUS continues to bet on the thinness and feather weights in its new devices. During Computex 2017 event, the Taiwanese company has presented this morning its latest convertible notebook, the ASUS Zenbook Flip S. Its main attraction is that it is the thinnest convertible in the world, and ASUS also defines it as one of the lightest.

The laptop comes equipped with Intel Core processors of the seventh generation, includes a screen that can reach 4K UHD resolution, and as a good convertible its lid can open 360 degrees to enter the “tablet mode.” With these features and a maximum range specifications, the device is an interesting response to alternatives such as the new Surface Pro from Microsoft.

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