8 Google Maps Tips You Must Try!

Google Maps

Google Maps is perhaps the most widely used application in the world for finding your way around the world. Besides the basic functions we are all used to, there are some really interesting tricks. I have selected for you those that I considered most interesting, eight to be precise!

It seems hard to believe, but the Google Maps service was launched only ten years ago and has already become an indispensable tool for the lives of each of us both within our private and professional lives. In fact, since Google Maps is online we have inevitably changed the way we interact with road maps and more.

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Bose SoundLink Color II: The ideal speaker for all parties

Bose SoundLink Color II

If you are one of those who like to enjoy good music at any party or meeting with friends, you will need a good speaker to leave everyone impressed. We all like to enjoy quality sound anywhere. Music is the queen of all parties and to be able to listen to it, as it should we need a good speaker. Before to impress our friends with our DJ skills, a good pen drive full of classics was enough. Today we can improve that with a quality speaker. If you are interested in the world of sound, read the review we have prepared of Bose SoundLink Color II, a quality speaker with Bluetooth connectivity.

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Vivaldi for Android, the browser that comes to the mobile to compete with Chrome, Firefox and company

Vivaldi for Android

Version 2.7 of Vivaldi is the one that can currently be downloaded for desktop systems, and at this time, the browser lands on Android. An operating system that continues to accumulate large landings such as a well-known browser despite the specific weight of giants such as Edge, Chrome or Safari.

Vivaldi arrives on Android respecting the maxims that have taken him to his position so far. Maxims such as personalization of the browsing experience for each user, or the emphasis on privacy for those who decide to use their platform. Now, Vivaldi is mobile and we have been able to try it firsthand.

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10 amazing alternative sites like Buzzfeed for viral content, news and videos

Sites like Buzzfeed

The thirst for finding more sites like Buzzfeed is understandable. Why not, the site offers an impressive dose of entertainment for everyone. From viral content, news, videos and even questionnaires, Buzzfeed is the access platform.

Since its inception in 2006, Buzzfeed has always demonstrated why it is a superior site for millennials and even for the elderly. But our thirst for news is much greater than a platform can handle. Therefore, it is necessary to find other Buzzfeed alternatives to quench this thirst. That’s why we take the time to select these amazing sites like Buzzfeed. Keep reading!

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5 essential tools for the social media marketing team

social media marketing

Those who work in the world of social media marketing know that tools are indispensable for achieving good results. There are some tools that serve to speed up a series of operations that would be difficult (perhaps impossible) to carry out in minimum time. Others, on the other hand, make an important contribution to group work. Today I want to focus on this point.

Which are the best social media marketing tools to work in teams and simplify all the operations necessary for those who have to move in a group but in a simple and precise way?

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5 common computer problems and solutions

ommon computer problems

“My computer does not turn on.”

“My PC is going very slow.”

“The keyboard does not work”

Do you sound these phrases? Surely, at some time in the life of your computer you have suffered one of these situations. But … how to know what fails on my PC? If you want to know, what are the common problems of a computer and its possible solutions (now or in the near future) read on.

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