Nokia 8: Much Muscle and Double Zeiss Camera For a Highly Anticipated High-End

Nokia 8

At the beginning of the year the long-awaited return of Nokia was confirmed at the hands of Nokia 6. At the MWC we met its little brothers, the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3, but although we already had a catalog of three models it seemed that Nokia’s return did not It had been completed. The missing piece is here, its name is Nokia 8 and it comes to compete face to face with the high-end Android.

The Nokia 8 has been a tireless protagonist of rumors and leaks in recent months, so many of its features do not come as a surprise. Following the tradition of the extinct Lumia family, Nokia again emphasizes the photographic section with a Zeiss lens that also comes in duplicate this time. These are all the features of the Nokia 8.

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Things to know about Google penalties

Your business website may look beautiful, load within two seconds and display seamlessly across a range of devices, but if you incur a Google penalty, your visitor numbers could be adversely affected. Google is constantly developing – and running – algorithms that detect any instances of what Google deems to be improper practice, and awards … Read more

11 myths and realities of batteries in laptops

batteries in laptops

Batteries of our mobile devices have become protagonists of our user experience, but a lot are also critical components in laptops do. Has the technology integrated in these batteries improved? What is the best way to squeeze these components and extract the most out?

This is what we will try to explain by clarifying some of the most important myths and realities of portable batteries. If you want to know when you should charge your laptops, if you must have them plugged in all the time or what happens with the recharge cycles, attentive.

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Ryzen Threadripper 1900X: AMD also has an affordable beast, even for gaming

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X

A few days ago AMD introduced its new Ryzen Threadripper processors, which are focused on more professional experiences that require full power. At first it was said that these processors were not designed for gaming, something very similar to what happens today with the Intel Core i9, but AMD is taking advantage of SIGGRAPH 2017 to show a new version of its management program ‘Ryzen Master’, that will allow us to enable an interesting ‘Game Mode’.

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Why are printed circuits usually green?

printed circuits

The vast majority of plates with printed circuits that we see in the market usually have that characteristic green color of all known: we have seen it in the Raspberry Pi for example, but also in many other solutions.

Why this green color and not another? In fact it is possible to find plates with printed circuits in many other colors, but that green has become a de facto standard without anyone seems to be clear about the reason. There are some theories about it, however …

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