Drupal 8.5: what’s new?

Drupal 8.5 was released in March this year and is already creating waves of interest throughout the web. The update features a host of improvements and new features, along with fixes for a number of bugs. The biggest news from the new release is that the software’s focus is now on providing the most user-friendly experience possible rather than simply focussing on the application programming interface.

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Drupal is rapidly gaining a reputation as the CMS of choice for an increasing number of businesses keen to make use of the platform’s huge knowledge base of contributors and supporters. According to Forbes, the shortage of really good Drupal developers means that even big organisations are turning to small development agencies for help with their websites as they realise the benefits the platform offers.

Here are just some of the exciting changes that we can expect to see from the latest release of Drupal.

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Out-of-the-box demonstration

A new demo profile is designed to show off the software from the outset, displaying the basics of the platform through the use of sample content.

Migrate module

The Migrate module, which was first seen in Drupal 8.4, helps designers to move their content to a new site from an old one without any of the associated errors that such a move usually involves. Drupal 8.5 features an improvement on the previous technology, making migration easier and more intuitive than in previous versions of the software.


Drupal 8.5 enables web developers to create customised landing pages and bespoke layout templates for each type of content across a website. Layouts can now be edited directly on the page for ease of use rather than having to use a separate backend form.


Videos can be embedded into posts directly rather than relying on links. One of the principal criticisms of the software is that it needs a great deal of skill and experience to make the most of it; however, a dedicated Drupal design agency such as https://www.website-express.co.uk/service/drupal-design-development-agency will offer help and support to clients without running up huge costs. Drupal does not have to be the expensive option it is sometimes made out to be.


This innovative update allows users to move blocks quickly and easily from the front end of the website for the fast and efficient reorganisation of data.

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