Tips for Coin Collectors

Some people start their coin collecting journey after finding a rare coin in their change, inheriting an existing coin collection or by acquiring some coins through other means. Some people believe they’ve found a valuable and rare coin, and want to make quick money. Here are some tips to help you on your coin collecting journey.

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Start small and simple
Start by buying smaller coins and coin sets you can easily assemble. Learn about the history of the coins, how to grade and the coin prices. Many great collectors began by collecting a collection of pennies. Most of them are available at reasonable prices in local coin shops, coin shows, or online. To find out about Coin Dealers UK, visit

Collect what you like
What should I collect? The short answer to this question is ‘Collect whatever you like!’ Choose coins or series of coins you are interested in. You may find a coin interesting because of its design or the story associated with it. You can use the internet to find out the origins of a particular coin or its history. Be careful when purchasing coins online. These coins may be counterfeit or overpriced. If you are interested in a coin, you’ll be more likely to learn about it. This will help you to avoid costly mistakes on your coin collection journey.

Handle with care & store properly
Coins are made from metal, and although we think metal is tough, its surface is delicate and easily damaged. Different metals react differently to the environment around them.
By using coin handling techniques, you can protect your coins’ value for future generations. Wear cotton or latex gloves when handling your coins. If you don’t have these, only touch the coin at its edge. Never clean a penny! The coin dealers can tell if a coin has been cleaned, and will consider it damaged. Its value will be greatly reduced or even rendered worthless.

It’s not a race
It is important to take your time when building a collection of coins. Most coin collectors that rush their purchases will end up frustrated and lose money when they try to sell their collections. Learn about the coins you are interested in before purchasing them. Don’t buy the first coin you see. Wait until you find the coin you want at a price you can afford. If done right, coin collection can be a lifelong hobby.

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Magazines and websites
You can find popular magazines for coin collecting, such as Coin World or Numismatic news. Websites that deal with coins can be an excellent source of information. However, beware of sites that try to sell you coins at inflated prices.

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