Kodi wants you to see the movies in the lounge with Raspberry Pi and created it a perfect package

At this point in the film, almost everyone knows what a plate Raspberry Pi, and I suppose many will also know Kodi, cross – platform media center that led to the famous “Xbox Media Center” or XBMC. For some time together, they are making way lead, taking advantage of the characteristics and philosophy of each.

Raspberry Pi is a small, very affordable plate, capable of doing many things, so quickly was embraced by communities of students and makers. One of the most sought practical applications for this low-cost hardware is to generate content for TV. They did not take long to make Kodi get along with Raspberry.

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Now not only they want to keep updating and adapting the software, but have decided to create a cover plate to give a wrapper more suitable to be placed next to the big screen. It is a simple added, with which they are not going to make us a hole in the pocket on his official website is available for $20.

Since Raspberry Pi 3 appeared, with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the possibilities of this gadget in the room became more interesting in the eyes of Kodi and potential buyers, so they decided to go for creating the housing, which was the only thing It is missing the system to accommodate.

The box is actually a customized version of what it offers FLIRC, and it fit the different models of Raspberry: Pi Model B +, Pi 2 and PI 3. It is constructed of aluminum with the idea of making it resistant and some cooling. As you can see, Kodi bears the logo clearly visible at the top.

We continue to have access to ports and board connectors: microSD slot, 4 USB 2.0, HDMI output, Ethernet port and 3.5 mm jack connector. What is not very well resolved is the issue of LED indicators, which are in different positions according plate (in model 3 are not).

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As for the passive cooling plate it has been designed thinking of Raspberry Pi 3 dissipating the heat of his most powerful and CPU overclocking possible. They say they will launch a limited edition, but we assume that if something works well, continue to generate housings.

There ‘nightlies’ Kodi 17

Speaking of Kodi, version 17 system known as Krypton, is about to go out on their status Alpha, although there are versions ‘nightly’ available for download. Curious to know that is evolving Linux, Windows or iOS versions, but the future of Android is not very clear, still looking for people to help them improve.

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