KiloCore is the first chip with a thousand processors within Minimum consumption for the divide and conquer

A microchip with 1,000 independent and programmable processors – which also might call centers – has been designed and created by the University of California, in collaboration with IBM. A more focused project to be energetically very efficient at multitasking, which beat speed records.

Our protagonist is called KiloCore and implements a possibility that leaders like Intel had already put on the table. Welcome is parallel processing is the basis of mobile devices and desktop that live with us, but then to reach such a number of processing units, have to coordinate well to make the imagined performance.

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Larger designs that had been converted into real hardware did not exceed 300 processors on the same chip as the main culprit tells the creature, Bevab Bass. In KiloCore there is room for 621 million transistors, capable of calculating 1.78 trillion operations per second.

A shredding applications and leverage their consumption

The point I want to emphasize its developers is the energy efficiency when performing many operations: its thousand processors can make 115,000 million instructions per second dissipating only 0.7 watts. It might work with an ordinary battery. Comment that making KiloCore has been borne by IBM using a 32nm CMOS technology.

Each of the ‘core’ may operate independently, small programs running at a certain speed – average 1.78 GHz – and can exchange information between them without resorting to buffers. The idea to use it passes from applications into pieces , to take advantage of its architecture.

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It is not just an exaggerated idea put into practice striking to beat records; the team accompanies the chip with compilers and tools necessary to program it. It will be especially able to work as encryption, video processing, and anything else where much processing power do lack in parallel, as scientific applications or data centers.

The KiloCore has been presented on June 16 at the symposium ‘VLSI Technology and Circuits’, which took place in Honolulu. We follow the steps of this development, to see how far they can take in real situations.

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