Are We Seeing the End of Manual Software Testing

With the recent advancements in software testing technology, it would be easy for firms to sit back and let technology take over – but do we put too much faith in our technological resources nowadays? Here we take a look at why human intervention is vital to maintaining the quality of a product, even in this modern era.

Are We Seeing the End of Manual Software Testing

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The Advancement of Modern Technologies

Technology, according to the Oxford Dictionaries, is ‘the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes’. By this definition there are three specific areas: scientific, knowledge and practical. With technology appearing to be synonymous with terms like facts, precision and efficiency, it is easy to see why people find it so easy to have faith in it. But how far should the trust relationship go? Would you, for example, allow your device to respond to emails or text messages? The answer is probably ‘no’, because what technology lacks is humanity and emotion.

With software testing evolving rapidly, we are less likely to see a developer test his or her own code and more likely to see them adopt some modern software. Though there can be numerous obvious benefits to using fast and efficient technologies, nothing compares to the human touch. Manual testing is far more flexible and allows the product to be tested from the perspective of a real-life user. Though it takes more time, the quality of the process is much improved.

Crowdsourced Testing: A True Testing Service

One method undertaken to test the efficiency of products is called crowdsourced testing. A crowdsourced testing service not only assesses security risks, it also checks the effectiveness of a piece of software or website. Crowdsourced testing is carried out by a community of real professional testers who will test websites or software on hundreds of devices to help commercial businesses have confidence in their releases. More information on the benefits of crowdsourced testing can be found at

To avoid manual testing being phased out completely, it has to move with the times. The new emerging trend of crowdsourced testing is a welcome development as it goes back to basics and puts the user’s experience at the forefront. We cannot go through life on autopilot and neither should we mechanise a process that is intended to enhance a user’s experience.

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