Much of the knowledge of NASA is now available to all for free

In recent years we have seen how NASA has changed many of its policies to adapt to changing times, this has served to, for example, all images belonging to the agency in the public domain and anyone can use them at all situations, which is now extended to an important part of their research.

NASA is releasing the vast majority of their research publicly funded will be available on a new website, which can be accessed free of charge from anywhere in the world and thus navigate the information contained in projects ranging from the mission of finding life on the moons of Saturn, pending the physiological effects of astronauts who have lived on the International Space Station.

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PubSpace: Space research from NASA just a click away

The site is called PubSpace, and so far has a database of more than 850 investigations related to all types of space missions and complex analyzes, such as toxicity of lunar dust for example.

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This portal will be uploaded texts finalized and approved within a year of its publication, which will allow anyone interested can consult either out of curiosity or because you want to expand research or draw their own conclusions. The only thing we found here are privately financed works or those that are related to the national security of the United States.

The decision to launch this website comes after the Office of Science and Technology of the White House implemented a new policy aimed at NASA and other agencies, which seeks to have greater transparency in the use that is given to the public budget, in addition that to be done with government funds, all that knowledge belongs to humanity and not have to remain private or require payment to access it.

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