For Intel the death of 3.5mm makes sense with the arrival of USB-C


It seems a fact that the famous 3.5 – millimeter jack for headphones is used disappears and this 2016 is the beginning of the end. Commercial proposals as the Moto Z, which is not the first to do so, as well as an approach in HTC 10, and rumors that tell us that the next iPhone will no headphone jack; today all adds Intel, who says that the future is in the USB-C adds.

During a session in its developer conference, Intel showed future capabilities that will be implemented in USB 3.0 and 3.1 interface, used in the USB type C, as a new type of video standard as well as the possibility of transmitting digital audio.

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Your laptop should reject USB-C accessories which are not suitable, the USB-IF proposes a new specification

USB-C accessories

The adoption of the standard USB Type-C is in full swing, it is becoming easier to find devices, also in accessories. There are many advantages in this new type of connectors, since they are reversible, so they can carry more energy devices, going through a higher data transfer rates, which make them suitable even for work with video streams.

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