The most powerful Core i7 Intel has 10 cores and costs $1723

Core i7 Intel

Intel also often featured in Computex and this year wants to be with their new processors ‘Extreme Edition’. Among them we find what we can consider as the flagship of the short list, the Intel Core i7-6950X. What makes it special? For many things, but mainly the presence of ten cores on your CPU.

In the world of desktop computers the race for the cycle rate stood aside to make way for the cores, and although in 2011 and offered Xeon processors with the number of cores, we have not seen in the domestic supply so far. The economic leap is also striking, because for it we will ask $1723.

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For Intel the death of 3.5mm makes sense with the arrival of USB-C


It seems a fact that the famous 3.5 – millimeter jack for headphones is used disappears and this 2016 is the beginning of the end. Commercial proposals as the Moto Z, which is not the first to do so, as well as an approach in HTC 10, and rumors that tell us that the next iPhone will no headphone jack; today all adds Intel, who says that the future is in the USB-C adds.

During a session in its developer conference, Intel showed future capabilities that will be implemented in USB 3.0 and 3.1 interface, used in the USB type C, as a new type of video standard as well as the possibility of transmitting digital audio.

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