Alcatel Idol 4s, this is the commitment of Alcatel to enter the media super gamma

Alcatel idol 4s

Although sometimes the limits are somewhat fuzzy, in the world of smartphones we understand traditional way with ranges and in fact since about a year ago talking about the mid – range premium, with a number of terminals that features are not located in high but they have some plus the difference. It is where it fits one of the latest handsets of Alcatel, the Idol 4s, which does not come alone.

The terminal was presented in February at the last MWC with his little brother, the Idol 4 as the flagship of the manufacturer. But come accompanied not come by this shared launch, but by the fact that taking advantage of the boom was born and still live in virtual reality by making a VR set.

Thus, Alcatel bet for a target more demanding is this terminal is not in the league of the most powerful, but it offers superior characteristics to Idol 4 and the other terminals of the brand. Including a design that includes metal, as is characteristic of those located in the “super midrange” and with special attention to the sound system mounted four speakers.

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