How much does Windows 10 and how I can get it for free now that Microsoft no longer gives?

Windows 10

Okay, that ‘s it. It’s over. Microsoft already has stopped offering free licenses of Windows 10. With everything we have been insisting the Redmond, the controversies that have had to upgrade some computers without permission, and with everything we have also insisted us, there are few excuses for not having your copy.

But it may be the case that you did not have original licenses of Windows 7 or 8to take advantage of the offer. What now then? Well, you have to go through box, now we can tell you the price, although there is also a last resort to it for free in return for cooperating in their development.

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Nokia phones that Microsoft did not let leave the laboratory

Nokia phones

There has been a fairly complicated births Nokia period in the last two years, we are aware that there is more than one abortion on the road, but it is striking to see them grouped. All this began to happen when Microsoft took over the company.

He had obviously prioritize systems house and kill projects that were in development , but the reality is that there was more than one that was ready to go to market, or fairly advanced in their ways. Among them also there are interesting hardware with Windows Phone, so decisions were made taking into account more factors, we will know the most striking cases.

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Microsoft cloud grows by 102%, while its mobile sink by 71%

Microsoft cloud

Today was the day chosen by Microsoft to present its financial results corresponding to its third fiscal quarter or second quarter of 2016 ended June 30; roughly it has exceeded analysts expectations by showing good numbers and a consolidation of its business in the cloud, which has caused so far in after- hours trading the shares of the company presented an increase of 4%.

In short, Microsoft is reporting revenues of $ 22,642 million, 7% higher than the same quarter last year, exceeding expectations of 22.140 billion expected by the market. In general an increase occurs in the wide range of company business, where the cloud has become to look like the most important business, while in the other corner is the business of smartphones that no longer seems to matter to Microsoft.

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Privacy differential: It boasts Apple, Microsoft and Google created it uses


These days the developer conference held Apple, and during the WWDC keynote address that 2016 was a specific reserved for an issue that Apple is particularly proud section: the protection of privacy.

Speaking of his new efforts in this area, Apple mentioned the use of a discipline that few had heard: it is the “differential privacy”, a statistical system to collect and analyze data without compromising the identity and privacy of those who provided consciously or unconsciously. Do you know who created the concept? Microsoft, among others.

Collect data without violating privacy it is (mathematically) possible

The differential privacy is indeed a unique concept, especially now that all large companies based much of its activity to study our activity. Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Amazon do not stop to collect our data and then used in artificial intelligence engines, or advertising systems, or the way we recommend products and content.

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