Moto Z and MotoMods, first impressions of the modular philosophy of Lenovo

Moto Z and MotoMods

2016 may be remembered as the year of the modular telephones , start your marketing ideas like LG with its G5, the final version of Ara, which will arrive this year to developers and in 2017 consumers, and now Lenovo Motorola is demonstrating that this is a trend that has several variants and where time define what is the most attractive and contributes more to the user.

Lenovo and Motorola presented its new family of devices Moto Z, which comes to complement the range of products positioned within the high – end not only as a new smartphone, but also as a new development platform that will expand the possibilities and open doors a new form of consumption. We had the opportunity to know and test the new Z Moto and MotoMods and then have our first impressions.

Before continuing, we must clarify that both the Moto Z as the Moto Z Force share many of the specifications, the differences are punctual and are focused on the camera in the ShatterShield technology, which makes the Force is a stronger team but basically we are faced with the same design, so we will refer to Moto Z as if it were a single computer.

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