Look at me but do not get wet: Apple faces a misleading advertising claim


The OCU has complained to Apple before the Department of Consumer Affairs of the Community of Madrid by the announcement of the iPhone in July accusing the company of using misleading advertising to promote your smartphone.

They refer specifically to the mention of resistance to water: in the announcement “the user is made to understand that the mobile is waterproof,” OCU explains in the statement, “what it does not say is that in the legal guarantee expressly excludes any damage caused by liquids”.

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The worst fiscal year Apple iPhone sales fall for third consecutive quarter

Apple iPhone sales

Apple is releasing the financial results for its fourth fiscal quarter, keeping the line of analyst forecasts where the iPhone still does not rebound and presents its third consecutive fall , leading to the company present a decrease in income compared to the previous year presented.

In total, Apple is showing revenues of 46,852 million dollars, representing a decline of 9% over the same period last year, thus maintaining the trend we saw a year ago when apparently the company reached the ceiling of its growth and that in the previous two quarters has been reflected with declines in almost all products.

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The Apple of Jobs against Apple Tim Cook: An Analysis with all data


On October 4, 2011, five years ago, Apple presented the iPhone 4S. The new terminal remained in the background in the absence of until a few weeks before Apple’s CEO. Steve Jobs had left into the hands of Tim Cook for the first time and was not present at the keynote of an iPhone.

There was something odd about the atmosphere of the presentation. The manager of the new terminal unveil Apple’s SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller, he was too serious at a critical time for the company. Unfortunately, the reason would know the next day, October 5: Steve Jobs had died.

No we were still conscious, was beginning one of the most media transitions from one Technology Company. One that will inevitably be compared to Steve Jobs, the founder, visionary and charismatic leader with Tim Cook, a man of intuition and architect of the incredible efficiency of Apple.

The cold numbers efficiency and profitability of Apple

Throughout this article we will compare key aspects of the last ten years of Apple. The first five correspond to the stage led by Steve Jobs, while the last five are the focus in the current CEO, Tim Cook. All data shown in the graphs correspond to the Apple fiscal year, which ends in late September. That is, the Q1 begins in October and ends in December, so Q4 2011 defines both periods.

To analyze the efficiency and profitability of Apple under the mandate of both CEOs, we have selected three metrics. During the term of Jobs, Apple generated more than 285,000 million dollars in revenue and profits almost 56,000.

Revenues exceed 912,000 million and profits are 208,000 million. Comparing both periods, we see how both income and profits have more than tripled. The reasons are obvious: the iPhone started to become a product mainstream circa 2009 and 2010, while the iPad fever from 2011 spurred further company revenue.

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iPhone 7 without headset port: Apple has been successful with this decision? We are debating its pros and cons


The new iPhone in July and 7 Plus, the absence of the headphone port is one of the aspects that debate has arisen. Comes with water resistance, brighter screen, better camera (even double in the iPhone 7 Plus as we saw in our first impressions), the more power … but few stop talking headphone port.

On whether Apple has been successful or not, if you have done thinking about the user or the pros and cons of that decision current passing through a new One to One. A discussion the absence of the headphone port on the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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Privacy differential: It boasts Apple, Microsoft and Google created it uses


These days the developer conference held Apple, and during the WWDC keynote address that 2016 was a specific reserved for an issue that Apple is particularly proud section: the protection of privacy.

Speaking of his new efforts in this area, Apple mentioned the use of a discipline that few had heard: it is the “differential privacy”, a statistical system to collect and analyze data without compromising the identity and privacy of those who provided consciously or unconsciously. Do you know who created the concept? Microsoft, among others.

Collect data without violating privacy it is (mathematically) possible

The differential privacy is indeed a unique concept, especially now that all large companies based much of its activity to study our activity. Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Amazon do not stop to collect our data and then used in artificial intelligence engines, or advertising systems, or the way we recommend products and content.

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Apple Announces New MacBook with Intel Core M 2016 sixth-generation

New MacBook

Since falling sharply presence within the Apple Store, here is that Apple officially the ‘ update of the MacBook going to introduce some new features that are definitely happy the many admirers of the new notebook model – remember that this is the thinnest and lightest notebook ever created by Apple – but not without leaving a little ‘bitter taste in the mouth.

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