Moto Z and MotoMods, first impressions of the modular philosophy of Lenovo

2016 may be remembered as the year of the modular telephones , start your marketing ideas like LG with its G5, the final version of Ara, which will arrive this year to developers and in 2017 consumers, and now Lenovo Motorola is demonstrating that this is a trend that has several variants and where time define what is the most attractive and contributes more to the user.

Lenovo and Motorola presented its new family of devices Moto Z, which comes to complement the range of products positioned within the high – end not only as a new smartphone, but also as a new development platform that will expand the possibilities and open doors a new form of consumption. We had the opportunity to know and test the new Z Moto and MotoMods and then have our first impressions.

Before continuing, we must clarify that both the Moto Z as the Moto Z Force share many of the specifications, the differences are punctual and are focused on the camera in the ShatterShield technology, which makes the Force is a stronger team but basically we are faced with the same design, so we will refer to Moto Z as if it were a single computer.

Moto Z and MotoMods
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Design, power and possibilities

Motorola finally decided on the metal for its newest Moto Z, design has divided opinions, and many are them makes it attractive, but others not so much, the reality is that hand does not look bad, it feels like a solid team and has an attractive appearance, light and even tough, as the devices that were in the areas of experience had no scratches or signs of wear due to constant use that we were giving them, so that side seems that Motorola was right with the selection of materials.

On the other hand, the rear surface is mirror finished with matt stripes, which is a magnet for dirt and fingerprints, for if we want to have impeccable our device, we need to clean it constantly. In addition to materials, the Moto Z adopts a new very slim profile of just 5.2 mm (6.2 mm for the Force), which makes it look stylish but sacrificing the back curvature present in its other smartphones of the company, which provides greater ergonomics.

The size is perfect and here did not want to risk, 5.5 – inch screen allows the size is easy to handle with one hand , plus QHD resolution makes it look great with a good color reproduction, brightness, contrast and with very good viewing angles.

Having adopted this new design and materials also represented having to make decisions in which many disagree, such as the elimination of the 3.5 mm jack for headphones and have to be facing a sensor that excels in the rear, for will remedy the part of the headset adapter is included, while to hide the sensor, we have the MotoMods, for many perhaps is not the most attractive option, but hey, Motorola had to sacrifice some factors in favor of others, and here time will tell if he was right.

An attractive twist to the modular concept

Remember that Project Ara was born in the department of special projects of Motorola, department retained Google after the sale to Lenovo, so the idea and aim well known, that contrary to what many expected, Motorola did not want to follow the concept of Ara, instead decided to go for a turn to the experience of simple use and focused on any user, while Ara is presented as if it were a “PC Armada” Moto Z is a phone that can “update “experience.

The MotoMods were the secret weapon of Motorola, as they are not only modules that extend the capabilities of Moto Z, but are also open to developers platform, which undoubtedly will boost the consumption of accessories, where the best of all is that the company promises at least three years of compatibility with future generations of Z Moto, so it will not be a short – term investment, plus create brand loyalty, a good strategy for Motorola and Lenovo.

The MotoMods could say that correct all errors that fell LG, as we have on the one hand an open platform for any developer, integration with Android is natural and does not need additional applications or complex configurations, but most important is its installation, which is by magnetic connectors which need not turn off the meter and remove devices or components, only stick to Moto Z and fit perfectly.

By placing a Motomod see how the system recognizes immediately, since the module has integrated all the information needed to run, ie, does not occupy memory or additional resources in the smartphone, plus both JBL and projector integrate an additional battery to not affect the autonomy of Moto Z.

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We’ve only known three modules: extra battery, speaker JBL and projector, but there are already developers playing with the platform MotoMods and get to meet some prototypes as a virtual keyboard projected on any surface modules with optical zoom to enhance the camera as well as one that it provides an additional screen, and this is important to emphasize that the success of this concept come from developers and consumer adoption.

Differentiation as standard

One feature that has taken advantage Motorola is customizing their devices, however this has always supported largely through the Moto Maker platform that is not available to everyone, so to offer this possibility to everyone pitching calls Style shells, a case in wood finishes, ballistic nylon, leather, plastic and silicone in a wide range of colors, which use the magnetic field to be installed in the back of the Moto Z so we can have a new design for those connector they are not very confident with the metal.

It could be the start of something big

We must confess that the Moto Z has left us very satisfied, especially the possibilities and the future that faces, however, there are still elements that are pending as the price of the device, the MotoMods and Style Shells , something that will be decisive for adoption, and here is the key strategy adopted by Motorola, as they have the ability to break the market again or enter a land where will have to compete with all the high end.

Of course there is the issue of decreased battery capacity, the use of fingerprint sensor and overall performance and performance on the day, something we will see more peacefully and detail once we have chance to make their examination.

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