Panasonic ToughPad FZ-A2: The tablet for industrial use can use up with rubber gloves

Although the tablet market is slowing down, many manufacturers launch such terminals with a race to see who is getting thinner and lighter devices .But there is one exception: the tablets intended for certain professional environments where there are more risks.

It is the land of the tablets ToughPad Panasonic, now extended family with the new FZ-A2 model. The Japanese automaker wants to control the sector of the tablets they need in factories, assembly lines, places with bad weather and any other environment where a general consumer – oriented tablet is too sensitive.

ToughPad Panasonic
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Power itself, not so much portability

Let’s look at the specs: the ToughPad Panasonic FZ-A2 has a processor Intel Atom Z8550 Quad-Core x5 able to work at frequencies ranging from 2.4 GHz to 1,44GHz has a screen 10. 1 inches that can be used wet or gloved its thickness is 16.4 mm and its weight is 880 grams. No, it is not exactly light nor thin. Remember that we are talking about a tablet for industrial and / or professional.

And there also have to talk about a good variety of connections: a USB-C 3.1 other conventional USB 3.0 port, microsh card reader, an HDMI port and a headphone jack. We can optionally have an additional USB port 2.0, a compatible GPS module with the Glonass system or a GPS module also has 4G data connection. We may even optionally include a barcode reader.

The battery is also much different from the typical we see in the general consumer tablets: a load ToughPad lasts nine hours, and a second internal battery gives us two minutes to spare to replace the main battery device hot. All this put on a tablet with integrated enduring drops 120 centimeters protective housing.

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The operating system chosen for the ToughPad FZ-A2 is Android 6 Marshmallow : Panasonic believes that the share of use of Android in the tablet market from 7 to 10 inches grow from 7 to 21%, just as with the Windows share will drop from 93% to 79%. However android is still a minority to the full range of “resistant” devices equipped with Windows.

ToughPad FZ-A2, price and availability

The Panasonic FZ-A2 ToughPad is launched later next month at a price of 1270 dollars. Obviously it will not be something we’ll see in stores, but is oriented companies.

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