When bad passwords past make your life impossible in this?

bad passwords

It is one of the day’s news: Mark Zuckerberg will have “hacked” his Twitter and Pinterest account. It is not the only person to have suffered an attack in recent days, and accounts of celebrities seem to have been the favorite targets of attackers. The main cause? Although still to be confirmed, it looks like it is related to the recent leaks of passwords for different services … after attacks that were carried out in 2012 and 2013.

Specifically, in mid-May appeared for sale on the Internet a list of more than 117 million users of LinkedIn, all with their respective email and password. Although information emerged in the 2016, it appears that the data is stolen from LinkedIn in 2012. If at that time you were a user of this social network, then it is very likely that your data is in the list.

Because right now? That’s the million dollar question. In 2012, after the attack, it was believed that only 6 million passwords had been leaked, without more information. The current filtration shows that, as some warned, that was only a fragment and, in fact, provides more information, such as e associated with each password. With all password hashes (SHA1 without skipping) in hand, it is still very difficult for the experts “crackears” for the actual password.

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